9 Scary Santa Cakes

These scary Christmas disasters deserve a little laugh.

Dec. 05, 2011 — -- intro: During the holiday season, bakers rush to their ovens to create cakes in the likeness of Santa Claus. And while Santa is usually a very jolly guy, some of these cakes might not capture his jolliness. We've gathered up the scariest Santa cakes we could find from Jen Yates of CakeWrecks.com. We hope none of these Santa cakes appear on your holiday table this year.

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quicklist:1 category: title: Sun-Burned Santa url: text: This Santa spent a little too much time in the Bahamas. media: 15086959 related:

quicklist: 2 category: title: Seeing Green url: text: How the grinch stole Christmas or how the grinch stole Santa? media: 15086987 related:

quicklist: 3 category: title: Not so Smooth url: text: Looks as if Santa tripped and did a face plant in the cake. media: 15087009 related:

quicklist: 4 category: title: Blimp Santa url: text: This guy defies all laws of proportion with arms 1 inch long and a body the size of a hot air balloon. media: 15087156 related:

quicklist: 5 category: title: Trendy Sledding url: text: Wondering what's the latest trend in snow sledding? Leave your sled at home. media: 15087167 related:

quicklist: 6 category: title: Jack-O-Santa url: text: This Santa has a striking resemblance to a Halloween jack-o'-lantern. media: 15086999 related:

quicklist: 7 category: title: Abstract Santa url: text: While the Santas in the front row are questionable, check out the guys in the back. A yellow face and bright green eyes are really taking Santa to artistic heights. media: 15087021 related:

quicklist: 8 category: title: Realistic Face url: text: Santa's tiny, very realistic plastic face doesn't quite mesh with his rotund body and lack of hands. media: 15086973 related:

quicklist: 9 category: title: French Santa url: text: Another pink-faced cake, this Santa has the face of a monkey and a thin Parisian mustache. media: 15087141 related: