Old High School Autograph Spelled Destiny

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April 26, 2002 -- Sandy and Junius received the most votes in Good Morning America's "Happily Ever After: Love in Times Square" online ballot. They will be married in New York City's Times Square live on Good Morning America in a just a few weeks.

As our series continues, which we've brought to you in association with Bride's magazine, Good Morning America will help the elated couple prepare for their big day. Our audience will be able to vote on some of the wedding details on ABCNEWS.com.

Read the couple's love story below.

Back in high school, Junius Chambers had the worst kind of crush on Sandy Bass: An unrequited one. "I was walking the hall with some friends in high school, and she was standing there by her locker, and she just took my breath away," Chambers said.

Bass, the object of his affections, was a cheerleader at Jordan High School in Durham, N. C., the school they both attended.

"Everyone would say this guy JJ has a huge crush on you," Bass said. But the popular cheerleader hardly noticed her kid sister's friend, Junius.

"I didn't pay him much attention at all," she recalled.

But now, Chambers and Bass are finalists in Good Morning America's "Happily Ever After: Love in Times Square" series. The winning couple — to be selected by viewers who can vote on ABCNEWS.com after all the finalists are presented — will be married in Times Square.

Destiny In the Inscription

Bass meant it as a casual joke when she gave Chambers her 1989 high school graduation photo, with this inscription: "JJ: to a very handsome young man who I hope to get to know better. Yours truly, Sandy Bass, PS. Your future wife."

Though Bass was kidding when she signed the picture, Chambers never forgot the high school beauty that stole his heart.

"She was the girl that was the benchmark for all other women," Chambers said.

Bass, that girl from high school, grew up to become a successful woman. She went on to get her teaching degree, and to start work on her PhD. The former cheerleader also teaches kickboxing a couple of nights a week.

Still On His Mind

Chambers thought of Bass as he completed his MBA. He had not kept in touch with Bass over the years, but had remained friends with her younger sister. Then last year, a second chance for love came, when fate threw Bass and Chambers together in Miami.

By coincidence, Bass, her sister, and some of their friends were heading to Miami at the same time as Chambers and his housemate.

Just as he had in high school, Chambers dared, once again, to believe that Bass would notice him, as their combined group of friends hung out together. Soon after, Chambers left for a trip to Europe, even though he would happily have stayed in Miami, where sparks had begun to fly, at last, between he and Bass.

"We had so much fun in Miami. We couldn't stop thinking about the trip and each other's company," Chambers wrote in a letter to Good Morning America. "While I was in Europe, Sandy e-mailed me, informing me that she had a dream about me."

A Telling Dream

The dream about Chambers took Bass by surprise.

"I had a dream about us hanging out, becoming a couple and dating," she recalled. "It was a dream I was kind of embarrassed about, because he was my younger sister's friend. So, I e-mailed him in Europe and I said, 'JJ, guess what? I had a dream about you.' He wrote back, 'Was it lukewarm or was it lava hot'?"

They both held their breath when Chambers returned from Europe.

"We just talked and talked," Bass said. "That's when my heart started beating a little faster. You start to get little butterflies, and you feel a little something, and that was the day, that was the first kiss."

Chambers said their getting together was destiny, but he and Bass needed to roam the world to find out that the kid by the locker in high school was going to be both of their partners for life. He still has the autographed photo from Bass to prove the hand of fate was at work in their relationship. "Yours truly, Sandy Bass, PS. Your future wife."

Good Morning America's Tony Perkins surprised Sandy and Junius with the wedding news Friday morning. The surprise was complete with balloons, flowers and butterflies provided by blessedwings.com.