Where Do Celebrity Hearts Beat Faster?

Ask Sting what his favorite romantic place is, and the pop star has a romantic response: It is the company, not the spot on the map, that counts most.

"I think the most romantic place really is where I would be with my wife — that could be anywhere," said Sting , who is married to actress Trudi Styler.

Unlike most of us, celebrities have the money and ability to travel wherever they want. So reporter Jancee Dunn of Us magazine, a partner of ABCNEWS' Good Morning America, asked a slew of celebs where they go for romance.

Jennifer Garner, star of the ABC-TV show Alias, has a special place in her heart for the City of Lights.

"My favorite romantic place would have to be Paris," Garner said. "My husband took me to Paris three and a half years ago, when we were first dating. We had just been [going out] a few months and he said I want to take you away, and he took me to Paris out of the blue and it was enchanted, it was exactly what it should be."

Sex and Which City?

The cast of HBO hit Sex and the City has some unique ideas about romance. Kristen Davis, who plays the prim Charlotte, says a recent solo journey that she spent camping in the wild was very romantic.

"I went to Africa last year and I stayed in a tent on the Serengeti. I think that's the most romantic place I've ever been," said Davis. "I was alone."

John Corbett likes a little precipitation at his romantic spot.

"It's really just a rainy afternoon in my hometown of Seattle with somebody special," said John Corbett, whose character, Aidan Shaw, recently split with Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie.

Cynthia Nixon, aka Miranda, thinks New York's most famous park is unbeatable for romance.

"I would say the most romantic place I know is when you drive through Central Park, when you do the whole ring of the park, particularly when there's snow on the ground," said Nixon. "To me when it's quiet and snowy it's just so, so beautiful."

The park, the site of many a marriage proposal, also won the heart of Bruce Willis.

"I think Central Park is pretty romantic, any season, any time of day," Willis said.

Messing Goes for Mexico

Debra Messing, co-star of NBC's Will & Grace, has a romantic spot, too. But she's not saying exactly where.

"Well, I have a favorite place in Mexico that I'm not going to tell you about because then it's not going to be private anymore. But it's in Mexico and it's 15,000 acres and 11 beach bungalows, no phone, no fax, no magazines, no newspapers. That's romance."

For Spin City's Charlie Sheen, romance is all about his new fiancée, Denise Richardson.

"The most romantic place I know is Denise's heart," he said.

When John Stamos was asked about his favorite spot, he simply gestured toward his supermodel wife's curves, while Rebecca Romijn-Stamos jokingly reminded him that his response was going on a morning show.

"We like to get away in our minds," Stamos said.

Sugary Songs Say So Much

Russell Crowe, star of A Beautiful Mind, says it's a song, not a place, that makes him feel romantic. He admits to taking some flak for liking the song, "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight," by England Dan and John Ford Coley. Some people find it "really cheesy," he says, but he used to love it.

"I brought that up once with Bridget Fonda and she just looked at me like I committed some terrible sin," Crowe said.

For husband and wife Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie, romance is more of a state of mind.

"We don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I'll tell you why, because that means that there's one day a year when you're focused on your love for each other, and we do that 365 days a year," Thornton said. "So we figure, why have one day where you celebrate it? It would just be kind of bizarre to us, it's like, 'Hey, by the way, today I really love you.' "