Holiday Crafts: How To Make Pinecone Turkeys

These will be the only turkeys at the table that won't get eaten this Thanksgiving. Your children can make a whole flock of these pinecone turkeys to decorate the dinner table, and you can send the kid guests home with them as favors.


Yellow and red felt Tacky glue Googly eyes Brown pom-poms Pinecones Pipe cleaners

Step 1: For each turkey, cut out a yellow beak and a red wattle from felt. Then glue the beak, wattle, and a pair of googly eyes onto a pom-pom to create the turkey's head.

Step 2: Glue the pom-pom head to the tip of a pinecone. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 3: Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the turkey's cone body, starting from the top and twisting it together a few times on the underside. Separate the ends of the pipe cleaner (below the twists) and bend each tip into a 3-toed foot.

Step 4: For the turkey's tail, individually wrap 3 or 4 pipe cleaners around the back of the pinecone, starting from the underside and twisting them together a few times on the top of the pinecone to secure them. Then loop both ends of each pipe cleaner to shape tail feathers.