Latest Trends in Weddings

Even in a ceremony as traditional as a wedding, new trends manage to sneak in and in some cases become permanent guests., Good Morning America's partner in our "Happily Ever After: Love in Times Square" series, will produce a wedding for one lucky couple on June 22.

But before the big day arrives, Shelley Lewis Waln, president of breaks down the latest wedding trends:

Mix and Match:

For example, instead of having their entire bridal party in a uniform of sorts, some brides are opting to have their bridesmaids wear different dresses, or the same dresses in different colors. And mixing china is no longer taboo either, says Waln.

Operatic Tones:

Instead of old Carpenters' tunes, forward-thinking couples are opting for classier wedding music, such as opera.

Ethnic Additions:

Though the Jewish wedding tradition of the couple stomping on a wine glass is common, other ethnicities are also getting on board.

For example, some African-American couples are "jumping the broom," a tradition that dates back to when slaves were not allowed to marry legally. The couple takes a simple broom and decorates it with beautiful flowers and ribbons. Then, they place it on the floor, proclaim their love for each other, hold hands, and jump over the broom.

Spiritual Awakening:

Spirituality is also making a big comeback at weddings, and candles are the symbol of it, says Waln. For example, there are candlelit ceremonies; ceremonies where everyone holds candles; and unity candle ceremonies, in which the bride and groom light one big candle at the same time.

Pets Invited:

For pet lovers who consider their pooches a part of the family, it was perhaps only a matter of time before they became a part of the wedding party. There are flower dogs and ring-bearing dogs.

Feng Shui-ed?

Some couples plot out their seating plans carefully to avoid potential friction. But others are taking it a step further and "blessing" their wedding spaces by having them "feng shui-ed," Waln says. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that uses various principals of placement to create the greatest harmony in a room. Some couples are using it for their wedding space, figuring out where to place the altar, how the seats should be arranged, and from which direction the bride should walk into the room.

Strange Places: People are having weddings in unusual places. Trendy couples are going beyond the tried and true locations of churches or chapels and instead having weddings in places ranging from old movie theaters to "theme" events that relate to their interests, like golf weddings, or bungee jumping weddings.

And certainly one of the most unique weddings will be the one thrown by Good Morning America and for the couple with the most amazing love story.