Artist Paints Bathing Suits on Models

— Can't decide between a one-piece, a bikini or a tankini? How about trying a painted-on swimsuit?

This unusual beachwear is the work of artist Filippo Ioco, who takes pride in his illusions.

"I think it's cool when people don't know that it's not a real bathing suit," he says. "That happens a lot, and I love it when it happens."

His handiwork takes about three to four hours to complete. First, Ioco sketches a swimsuit on paper. Then he goes to a blank canvas — which in his case is a nude model.

He uses water-based paint and careful brush strokes to create the newest fashion in swim wear, on the flesh. Next, he uses a Q-tip to clean up the edges.

Then, he adds a bit of shadow to trick the eye. (The shadow applied around the suit edge is designed to look real from faraway, but up close, it looks fake, he says.)

The final touch: applying the strings to complete his faux two-piece masterpiece.

The end result: a swimsuit that is undisputedly skintight, but alas, not waterproof.