Bad Girl on 'The Bachelor' Gets Booted

May 6, 2004 -- "Trish, I don't think you and I were meant to spend the rest of our lives together."

And with that, NFL player Jesse Palmer sent the professional model, Trish Schneider, packing in Wednesday's episode of The Bachelor.

"I think you are amazing, beautiful and gracious and you have an amazing family. And you are going to make somebody very happy one day," Palmer told her. "And I hope you can appreciate that."

But, Palmer went on, "I'm making this decision with my heart. And my heart is telling me that I am not the man you are supposed to marry."

"OK," was Schneider's response.

The 28-year-old model from Pompano Beach, Fla., says that she was initially surprised that Palmer didn't hand her a rose, considering their last conversation seemed positive. Schneider said on Good Morning America the morning after her rejection was broadcast that he had given her private reassurances that she shouldn't be nervous, saying "everything's great."

(In the show's weekly rejection ritual, the bachelor hands roses to the women he wants to keep in the running. The unlucky women who get no rose must leave the house.)

Palmer kept the much-disliked Schneider in the running to be his bride even after his real-life best friend — who posed as one of the hopeful women on the show but was really acting as a spy — told him Trish had to go.

But after another competitor warned the hunky pro football player that Schneider wanted him for the wrong reasons, the message finally got through.

‘One Small Side of Me’

Schneider raised eyebrows when she wore a T-shirt that read "Gold Digger— Like a hooker … just smarter," while hanging out in the ladies' bachelorette pad.

"Things are not always what they seem," said Schneider when asked about why she wore the shirt. "I think I'm a very dimensional person and that's just one small side of me."

And, in one gab session at the house, the women were asked to play a drinking game called "I never…," in which each is asked to say something she has never done.

During the game, Schneider acknowledged — to shocked reaction — that she had slept with more men than she can count on both hands and both feet, including a married man.

Later, Palmer found out about Schneider's admission from Jenny, his best friend who was acting as the house spy. Still, he gave Schneider a rose in the next rose ceremony, keeping her on the show.

Schneider says Palmer asked her about what he had heard and she sorted out what was true and what was not. "I am what you see is what you get," she said on Good Morning America. "I'm not one way with one person and another with another person."

When asked if she fell for Palmer, she would only answer, "he's a great guy."

Palmer, a back-up quarterback for the New York Giants, who started out with a dating field of 25, has now whittled his choices down to just three women: Jessica B., a 22-year-old law student from California, Mandy J., a 26-year-old interior designer from Texas, and Tara, a 23-year-old general contractor from Oklahoma.