Meredith Takes Helm On 'The Bachelorette'

Many viewers rooted for Meredith Phillips as the favorite to be picked by Bob Guiney on last season's The Bachelor.

But then there was a stunning upset. Phillips, walked away with no rose, left alone in the limo. The 30-year-old makeup artist from Los Angeles was more than sad. She was mad.

"I should be in that house. I'm not," Phillips said, after the rose-less ceremony. "I'm mad that I'm not with Bob, and I don't ever have a chance with him ever again. I know for a fact that what Bob is looking for is not in that house. He actually put her in the limo and let her drive away."

Phillips says she never heard from Guiney again, but she's not shedding any tears these days. Phillips says she found true love when it was her turn to hand out the roses during this season's edition of The Bachelorette.

Phillips met 25 eager young men striving to win her hand during the taping of the new show this past fall, and she says she truly fell in love with one of them.

"I know that's hard to believe, but I did," Phillips said. "True love,or just love in general, you can't really put a timeline on it," she said.

Meanwhile, Phillips can't reveal the name of her new flame, or whether or not wedding bells are in their future until the last episode of the new season of The Bachelorette, which is set to begin tonight at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

The track record of couples that resulted from the Bachelorette reality TV show isn't that encouraging when you take a look back. All four of the Bachelors — Bob Guiney, Andrew Firestone, Aaron Buerge and Alex Michel — have split with the ladies they chose in front of the world.

Meanwhile, Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter kept their reality romance going long enough to get married on national television last month.

Phillips said the history of The Bachelor might indicate that the men are not as in touch with want they want.

"I think that maybe with the guys sometimes they think they're ready and actually get in the position and get cold feet? I don't really know," Phillips said.

She said she is happy that she got another chance to look for love via The Bachelorette after learning an emotional lesson from her initial run on The Bachelor.

"I was mad at myself for not being open enough," I don't think I was open or emotionally available."