Dancing on the Sea

During "Good Morning America's" "Girls' Week Out" cruise, three women took time away from their friends to train for Friday's competition.

On Friday, celebrity judges Gayle King, Finola Hughes and Charlotte Jorgensen crowned the winner, Shreeka Tolbert, 27, of Pleasanton, Calif. Norwegian Cruise Lines gave Tolbert a cruise for two to Hawaii as a prize.

You can read more about the three competitors and the competition below.

Shanna Kuljis, 28

Biloxi, Miss.

Shanna took dance lessons as a child and competed in a traveling troupe, but her last competition was in 1992 when she was 13.

Partner: Volvick Dennis, a professional dancer and personal trainer who works at the Feather Dance Studio and the Star Ballroom Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

What the Judges Said:

Gayle King: Like the look, very together. Score: 9

Finola Hughes: "She certainly has her fever going." Score: 9

Charlotte Jorgensen: "You performed better than I've seen you all week." Score: 8

Total Score: 26

Shreeka Tolbert, 27

Pleasanton, Calif.

This women's clothing buyer took jazz and was in an African-American dance company in college, but she's never danced with a partner.

Partner: Alejandro Bahia, a choreographer and dancer currently teaching in Miami.

What the Judges Said:

Gayle King: Major heat, major passion. "For a moment I thought you wanted to be alone!" Score: 10

Finola Hughes: Love the change of expression. I could definitely see the story. Score: 10

Charlotte Jorgensen: A complete performance. A couple dancing, not two individuals. Score: 9

Total Score: 29

Terri Felpeto, 34


This single mother of a 15-year-old daughter danced as a ballerina in elementary and middle school, and won a ribbon at the county fair.

Partner: Professional dancer Balazs Vajda, who specializes in salsa, meringue and bachata, and lives in south Florida. He calls "Gold Coast Ballroom," located in Coconut Creek, Fla., his home.

What the Judges Said:

Gayle King: Major attitude. Score: 9

Finola Hughes: Hot. Score: 8

Charlotte Jorgensen: Great personality. Score: 9

Total Score: 26