Soldier's Wife Says She'll Pay To Keep Sign

March 11, 2006 — -- Stacey Kelley's choice of front lawn decoration has attracted a lot of attention -- and it's costing her more than heartache.

Kelley, 24, planted a small cardboard sign expressing support for U.S. troops overseas in the yard of her Tampa, Fla., home. Her husband had sent her the sign from Iraq, where he's been stationed with the Army since November.

The local homeowners association, which is comprised of 4,000 homes, didn't approve. It threatened her with a $100-a-day fine because the sign is in violation of rules.

"I figured if we weren't allowed to have a flag [support the troops flag], we were allowed to have a sign," Kelley said on ABC News' "Good Morning America's Weekend Edition."

The association's president, a war veteran, disagreed, saying rules are rules.

"There are ways, proper ways, that she can represent her love and sacrifice that her husband is providing right now with his deployment in Iraq," Daryl Manning said on "GMA Weekend."

Manning said that if the association grants one exception, it may lead to countless others, with no end in sight.

"Regardless of what's going on politically or in other parts of the world, we have asked homeowners to abide by that," he said. "And one way that many of the homeowners are supporting the troops is by flying the [American] flag."

Kelley said it's not the same.

"I feel this is towards a good cause, and they have made exceptions to other signs and things being posted up in yards," she said.

The association has given Kelley time before it imposes the $100 fine, but it still maintains she must take the red, white and blue cardboard sign down.

The young woman, who wore U.S. Army dog tags on "GMA," isn't too worried about the money.

"I have enough supporters who've offered to help me pay the fine and legal fees," Kelley said. "My husband stands behind me 100 percent and his unit loves we are showing our support."