Shake-Up at the White House?

Two Republican sources close to the White House have confirmed to ABC News that in recent days there has been talk of making staff additions to the Bush team to bring a steadying influence to the White House. One says the president's advisers are in a self-examination mode after a spate of bad news.

"For the good of the team, a line of fresh legs, or in this case, fresh political antenna, would better serve this president," said Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn.

Since the Dubai ports crisis, both The New York Times and The Washington Post have run stories about a White House "off its game" and "drained by political setbacks."

Bush has been unable to build public support on key political issues such as Iraq and Medicare, and his poll numbers are approaching record lows.

Bush is famously loyal to his advisers, and some say he will not change his inner circle now.

"These folks know the president very well. They get along terrific. They understand each other, and they're loyal to each other," said Ron Kaufman, former adviser to the elder President Bush. "As long as you're organized, disciplined, well-managed, they'll survive."