Get Ready to Jump-Start Your 2007 Diet

In 2006, SELF magazine introduced a simple, no-deprivation eating makeover program to help women jump-start a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Three women were selected to share their weight loss journey with "Good Morning America," and collectively, they lost 71 pounds over the course of the year!

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Another 110,000 women tried the program, and it was so successful that SELF is bringing it back, with a new twist, for 2007.

The idea behind this flexible eating plan is to make a single small change to your eating habits each day, so that it doesn't feel overwhelming. That might mean adding fiber to your meals or writing down what snacks you had. You keep the tips that work best for you and ditch those that don't.

Each week you'll lighten up a different meal, replacing your usual high-calorie breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts with healthier, lower calorie options. After 31 days, you will have created a healthy eating lifestyle that is perfect for you -- not to mention having a smaller waistline.

Meet the 2007 Jump-Start Dieters

Jennifer Carney

Age: 36

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 190

BMI (Body Mass Index): 26.5

Goal Weight: 170

About Jennifer:

She works full time, is married and a mother of four (ages 3 ½, 6, 8, 9). She has run two half-marathons, so she has been a good exerciser in the past. However, as her life has gotten busier, she's had trouble making time for workouts and the gym.

Her sister is a big motivator for her, and she is encouraging Jennifer to do a full marathon. Jennifer would like to trim down and get in better shape in order to say, "Yes, let's do it!"

She's been struggling to get down to her goal weight ever since having her last child. Her toughest problems: snacking after putting the kids to bed or nibbling the leftovers on their plates, and not finding time to work out.

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Sheliah McGuckin

Age: 42

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 170

BMI (Body Mass Index): 26.6

Goal Weight: 150

About Sheliah:

Sheliah is a single, working mom. When younger, she was one of the women who could eat anything and remain a size six, but now it's caught up with her.

She works in finance and spends long hours at the office, which results in lots of "take-out" for dinner. She says she has a hard time sticking to diets and has trouble with overeating.

She belongs to a gym but never goes, and she says that she has zero willpower to say no to seconds or junk food.

She's been completely avoiding her next doctor's physical because she's gained weight since her last visit.

Meet the next dieter.

Jarette Pullum

Age: 27

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 197

BMI (Body Mass Index): 37.2

Goal Weight: 150

About Jarette:

Jarette is petite and is motivated to lose weight to look better in her clothes and feel better about herself. She is going to Miami in March and she wants to look and feel good.

Over the years, she's tried many diets as well as diet pills, and she's ready for something new. This summer, she joined a gym and has successfully lost weight by doing cardio workouts and monitoring her portions.