Chimp Daddy Revealed

March 16, 2007 — -- Chimp Haven is a five-acre forest in northwest Louisiana for retired chimps of a certain age.

It's a place where chimps come for the quiet life after a lifetime of research and science.

The environment is open and usually tranquil, but beneath the bucolic exterior there has lurked intrigue and mystery.

"We were all just a little bit surprised when we heard the news," said Linda Brent, president of Chimp Haven.

Brent is talking about Tracy, who was born in January and is the newest member of Chimp Haven.

Tracy's mom is Teresa, a 40-something female. But what was making everyone bananas was how she got pregnant. The male chimps at Chimp Haven get vasectomies before they move in.

So for months now, the question has been: Who's the daddy?

Chimp Haven rounded up all the males. None of them would confess, so all seven had their DNA tested.

Of those seven, there were three main suspects: the males who really seem to dig the ladies.

Suspect #1: Magnum: At 17 he's the youngest. He's playful, athletic and has a sexy name.

Suspect #2: Conan: He's 21, handsome and the strong, silent type.

Suspect #3: Jimoh. He's about 37 and he likes everything -- and lots of it

The DNA results came in, and today the daddy's name was revealed exclusively on "Good Morning America."

Viewers voted online and picked the right chimp: Conan is the dad.

So Teresa, Tracy and Conan will live happily ever after. But there will be no monkeying around of the baby-making variety.

Conan will have to get another vasectomy very soon.