Reader's Digest Features "America's 100 Best"

ByABC News via logo

April 10, 2007 — -- After searching America for the best people, places, ideas and innovations, the editors of Reader's Digest celebrate the wonderful, wacky and truly remarkable in the magazine's May issue, the fourth annual "America's 100 Best," on newsstands April 17.

After speaking to hundreds of experts and ordinary people, the editors tested, tasted and debated everything from the Best Gotta-Have-It Brownie to the Best Lasting Logo to the Best Athlete's Feat (Stephon Marbury's Starbury One basketball shoes).

"Our country is full of hidden gems, inventive products and inspiring stories that deserve to be in the national spotlight," said Reader's Digest editor-in-chief Jackie Leo. "This annual issue captures how Americans get things done -- working hard, dreaming big and overcoming obstacles."

Among some of the more intriguing finds this year are the Best Heavenly Bites (Our Lady of Mississippi Abbey's Trappistine Creamy Caramels, Dubuque, Iowa) and the Best Cool Indulgence (MooBella, Boston, MA). Noteworthy national treasures include the Best Encore (Metropolitan Opera, New York, for bringing opera to the masses), Best Bet for Vets (Operation Hero for Hire, Chicago) and Best Way to Strike a Cord (Martin Guitars, Nazareth, Pa., for their support of sustainable logging).

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