D-Day for Football Rookies

For football players, NFL draft day is one of the most anticipated events in sports, let alone football, and the lead candidates could become instant millionaires today depending on when their name is called.

In just a few hours, hardcore gridiron fans will cheer, scream and wait with bated breath as their favorite team chooses which all-star rookie will join their ranks.

More than four million people will tune in to watch the two-day spectacle.

"People love reality TV," ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber said. "These are guys who have had a dream their entire life and then you watch them in a matter of moments go from who knows what type of background to multi-millionaires."

On draft day, future NFL freshman are turned into commodities -- stocks that rise and fall.

"Here's the good news. If you're picked 10th as opposed to first your not starving and they all know that," ESPN reporter Chris Berman said. "It's still a good stock."

This year, the Oakland raiders will pick first.

The likely candidates? Brady Quinn of Notre Dame, Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech, Jamarcus Russell of Louisiana State or Adrian Peterson of the University of Oklahoma.

Although any of these men could go first, many of them say they don't care.

"I'll just be happy to have my name called out," Quinn said. "It's just a whirlwind tour."

Others realize that it's the beginning of their fairy tale.

"Hey, I finally made it," Peterson said. "My dream has finally come true."