Pigeons on the Pill

Hollywood pigeons are no different from others across the country. They fly, soil cars, poop on sidewalks and procreate.

But now, in an effort to reduce the pigeon population, the city is putting the pigeons on the pill — the birth control pill.

Residents and businesses said the amount of pigeon feces has become excessive due in part to a population boom.

Maybe the cliche should be breeding like pigeons. The birds produce up to 12 babies a year. Multiply that by the estimated 5,000 pigeons calling Hollywood home and the result is a lot of pigeon deposits.

In a town known for its eccentricity, activists have figured bird birth control is a good way to combat the problem.

The plan is for pest control workers to feed the city's pigeons food laced with the drug OvoControl P. If the birds eat it every day, it will scramble the inside of the egg, keeping baby pigeons from hatching.

Critics wonder whether it's potentially dangerous to other birds. But even the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said yes to the pill for pigeons.

"We're not trying to fool with Mother Nature," said Stephanie Bouyles, a wildlife biologist with PETA. "People are using cruel methods to kill these animals. We're trying to get them to solve problems in a kind way but in an effective way."

The cost to keep the city rooftops full of birth control feeders will be $60,000 annually. The pilot program will be implemented during the next few months.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.