Sounding Off: Snow Day Phone Call Flap

The wife of a Virginia school administrator was not pleased when a 17-year-old student called her home last week.

Devraj "Dave" S. Kori called Dean Tistadt's listed home phone number to complain about not getting a snow day after last week's snowstorm. Kori left a message, along with his name and phone number.

Kori later got an angry message from Candy Tistadt, the school administrator's wife, which the student then posted on the Internet.

The student who placed the call told "Good Morning America" today that he felt his call about the snow day was polite and professional.

Candy Tistadt would not comment this morning, but her husband, the school administrator, told The Washington Post that the whole incident has been horrible for his wife and that they've both learned a lesson about the long reach of the Internet.

What do you think? Should she have called the student back? Does posting it on the Internet constitute harassment? Weigh in on our comments section.