GMA Remembers: James Bogdanoff

Treasured friend, colleague, husband, father and uncle passed away last night.

Feb. 29, 2008— -- "Good Morning America" has lost a dear friend and wonderful colleague.

James Bogdanoff, 47, passed away overnight after waging a struggle against cancer. He died peacefully at home and is survived by his amazing wife, Robin, and beautiful daughter, Phoebe.

For those of you who don't know a lot about James, his entire life was a testament to what is best in men. At work with us, he loved television, loved bringing the cares, hopes, passions and thoughts of his friends, neighbors and real people to what we produced each day for America.

Nobody had a better eye for a picture that would glue people to a television set.

He was a total joy to be with at work. Friendly, caring, a guy without a mean bone in his body. Few are like him in this business.

Even more important than his exceptional career, he led a more than exceptional personal life. Years ago, James accepted the burdens and joys that came when he took over the parenting of two young nephews, Russ and Justin, whose parents had tragically passed. James brought them up as his own, and apparently did a spectacular job. He married Robin, his tough, smart, funny and lovely wife and together they produced Phoebe, the apple of his eye.

James's mom, Phyllis, also survives him. We know she must be incredibly proud of the life he led.

We will miss him very much.