Man Hits Jackpot, but Won't Quit McDonald's

Luke Pittard didn't quite say "I'm lovin' it," but after winning a $2.7 million lottery he returned to his job flipping burgers at McDonald's.

Pittard, 25, from Wales, England, became a millionaire after winning the British lottery 18 months ago. He promptly quit his McDonald's job.

"I don't think much will change in my life, just the fact that I got money," Pittard said at the time.

Things changed less than Pittard expected. Today, he is back at work at the Golden Arches.

"To be honest, there's only so much relaxing you can do," he said.


Pittard is not alone in his behavior; believe it or not, many people sympathize with his desire to stay on the job.

In 2003 a group of cooks and caretakers in a Minnesota school waited until after their lunchtime shift to claim their $95 million winning ticket.

"Today we're going to have hot ham and cheese sandwiches, that is the main thing," Karen Overman, one of the lunch ladies, told "Good Morning America" when she became a millionaire.

Almost five years later some of those lunch workers are still on the job, just like Pittard.

Even though Pittard makes more money on the interest from his winnings than he does showing up for work, he's still on the job simply because he's lovin' it.