Meet the Pivnicks

The Pivnick Family

Jennifer and Bruce Pivnick of Richardson, Texas, have four young children between the ages of 3 and 13.

They are the first of two families taking part in the "Good Morning America Weekend" and USA Today Frugal Family Challenge.

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Beginning July 9, they followed a financial expert's advice to re-structure their debt and trim their spending. What needed to be cut? How painful? Could they do it? How much could they save in the end?

We sent financial advisor, John A. Kvale, to meet with them and pinpoint their problems. This is what Kvale came up with:

Need to pay closer attention to filing their taxes.

They need to cut down on miscellaneous spending, such as coffee and lunch on the road.

Their phone bill for the family cell phone is through the roof at over $500.

Stay tuned. Read the Pivnick's video blog, as they share their personal struggles with this once-in-a-lifetime challenge.

Week 1: The Pivnicks go back-to-school shopping. Click here to watch video.

Week 2: The Pivnicks get down to business with their CPA. Click here to watch video.

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