Online Services Help Track Your Spending

Several Web sites can help you see where you spend too much and where to save.

Oct. 11, 2008 — -- There is not much the average American can do about what happens on Wall Street, but there is plenty they can do about what happens in their wallet.

"Good Morning America's" financial contributor Bianna Golodryga shared a few Web sites that can help you track your spending, find out where you leak money and even track mortgage rates.

Web Sites to Help Keep Spending in Check

At, you can link the Web site directly to your credit and debit bank accounts, and the site will automatically track and categorize your spending. You do not have to input any personal information beyond your banking account, and no money is ever actually transferred. Using a Web site like this could help you to see where a majority of your money is going and where you could cut back. is similar to in that, as the name suggests, it tracks your expenses. This Web site has an additional feature, however, that allows you to add cash to the equation. For $10 per month, you can call and tell them exactly how much cash you spent and what you spent it on, giving a more accurate representation of your usual expenses. tracks all manner of financial matters relating to your mortgage. From tracking current lending rates to providing several mortgage calculators, is a great source for mortgage information. is exactly what it sounds like, a free credit report where you can find out your credit score. In these tough economic times it is hard for many Americans to get a loan, but a good credit score can help. Currently, the average credit score is 720, but as more and more people try to improve theirs, it is on the rise.