Vent Frustration at the Smash Shack

Vent your frustration by breaking plates at Sarah's Smash Shack.

Oct. 22, 2008 — -- If you've ever been so frustrated, so annoyed or so perturbed that you just wanted to break something, then Sarah's Smash Shack just may be the place for you.

The San Diego business offers patrons a new way to express themselves by donning full protective gear to break plates, glasses and flowers.

The Smash Shack is Sarah Lavely's brainchild. She came up with the idea when she realized not everyone had a place to do what she did during her divorce.

"I smashed everything that we accumulated over 12 years on my driveway. Everything that was smashable was smashed," she said. "It can be very satisfying."

The Smash Shack even hosts a menu of items consumers can choose from, including a mystery box that has 10 smashables. Or, with permission, you can bring your own items to break, like a cell phone.

Many visitors prefer to write a message, like the name of an arch enemy. And with a drop or a throw, he or she is crushed.

"I came in here after a foul day, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. Now I'm in a great mood, I feel awesome," said customer Kellie Burns.

And unlike if you were to demolish things in your own home, someone else cleans up after you.