Feather Gloves and an Iron Heart

Peter Buckley always ended on his feet, but may be worst active boxer on Earth.

Nov. 1, 2008 — -- Boxer Peter Buckley is not exactly a boxing champion, but do not tell him that.

The fighter from Birmingham, England, won the last fight of his career Friday -- a rare feat for a man who has lost 256 of his 300 fights, but one that is oddly an appropriate end to a journey that was a battle all the way.

Buckley told "Good Morning America" that he doesn't know why he kept fighting for so long.

"I don't know exactly myself, but I love boxing," he said. "I've always loved fighting."

Despite his less-than-stellar record, the Birmingham bloke has never been knocked out.

"I've been stopped, but I've always ended up on my feet," he said. "Suppose I got a good chin. Got good defensive skills and plenty of heart."

For everyone that feels the urge to call Buckley a loser, though, he has a message:

"Them people don't know me, right?" he said. "They never met me, never spoke to me. They don't know what I'm about. They can't say I'm a winner [or] loser. But you find out if you are a real man once you get in those square ropes.

"You know what I mean?"