25 Things About Andrea Canning

"GMA's" intrepid correspondent hops on Facebook's latest online fad.

Feb. 7, 2009 — -- Seemingly since the beginning of the Internet, people the world over have been sharing information, sometimes too much, online.

From blogs to video diaries, the art of talking about yourself has evolved with the Internet. Its latest manifestation, a Facebook chain letter called "25 Random Things", has taken the Web by storm.

In the application, users simply write down 25 things about themselves, from the silly to the bizarre.

Not one to miss out on the latest online craze, ABC News' Andrea Canning joined in the fun. Check out her "25 Random Things" below.

Andrea's '25 Random Things'

1) I worked on Baywatch as an intern for David Hasselhoff … Don't Hassle the Hoff!

2) I shared a house with Ryan Seacrest (before he was famous) and two other roommates

3) But it's Simon I can't get enough of on American Idol - out!

4) I am obsessed with my cute cat Cammy

5) My real baby is due March 12

6) I named her Anna Katherine after mother and her twin sister

7) I love feeling her kick!

8) I wish my mom could be here to meet her granddaughter

9) I worked as an extra on dozens of movies and television shows

10) I have my Canadian and British citizenship

11) I went to a speech coach to curb my Canadian accent...eh?

12) America has been very good to me -- you know

13) I love the Real Housewives of Atlanta, NYC and Orange County…meow!

14) I am extremely grateful to the handful of people who have believed in me -- thank you

15) I strongly believe in never giving up

16) My husband is an F-18 fighter pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps and I won't tell you his call sign

17) I was a news anchor in Cincinnati

18) I worry too much about everything … everything!

19) I have the greatest dad and husband in the world

20) My favorite story was interviewing the last surviving Munchkins

21) I spent two weeks in New Orleans during Katrina in a trailer

22) Pete Rose is the wackiest famous person I have ever interviewed

23) Africa is the farthest place I've been from home

24) I was a downhill ski racer growing up

25) Talking about myself THIS much is very difficult -- thanks for making it to #25!

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