What's Your 'Pleasure Personality'? Take a Quiz

In the new book "It's My Pleasure: A Revolutionary Plan to Free Yourself from Guilt and Create the Life You Want," mother-daughter authors Maria and Maya Rodale say women have to allow themselves time to pursue pleasure in their lives.

For many women with hectic lives and numerous responsibilities, that's often easier said than done. But the Rodales say that many women have to reshift their thinking to see -- and appreciate -- the simple pleasures that make them happy.

To find out your "pleasure personality," take the quiz below, from the book "It's My Pleasure." For a printer-friendly version of the quiz, go to the bottom of the page and click the "Print This Article" icon.

Pleasure Personality Quiz*

* Note: This quiz is excerpted by permission from "It's My Pleasure," by Maria and Maya Rodale. Copyright © 2005 by Maria and Maya Rodale. This is not a scientific quiz.

1. I feel guilty for:

a) everything

b) feeling guilty

c) a few things, like eating too many desserts

d) nothing

2. In my everyday life, I put my own needs:

a) what needs?

b) last

c) before the pets, but after the kids and husband

d) first

3. I get massages:

a) never, I don't like strangers touching my body

b) rarely

c) when I need it or can afford it

d) regularly

4. When I find myself alone, I:

a) freak out and call somebody

b) clean the house or watch TV

c) read a book or take a nap

d) am thrilled with the possibilities

5. I see exercise as:

a) a necessary evil

b) an unnecessary evil

c) time for me

d) a form of play that keeps me balanced

6. Dinner is:

a) something to be gulped down while watching TV

b) in the microwave

c) an occasional treat

d) a time to enjoy family, friends and food

7. Sex is:

a) gross

b) frustrating

c) good

d) fun and good

8. Chocolate is:

a) a guilty pleasure

b) fine once a week

c) an antioxidant

d) an essential part of my day

9. My life is:

a) depressing

b) predictable

c) occasionally exciting

d) an adventure

10. Romance novels are:

a) trash

b) formulaic and insulting to my intelligence

c) my embarrassing secret

d) my delightful escape

11. When I see other people having fun and achieving success, I:

a) feel angry

b) feel jealous

c) feel competitive

d) feel happy

12. For vacations, I like to:

a) stay with family

b) go to the same place every year

c) stay in hotels I'm familiar with

d) go places I've never been before

13. My relationship with my family is:

a) a strained obligation

b) tense, but I ignore them

c) fine

d) hysterically fun

14. When I get depressed, I:

a) suffer through it

b) take a pill

c) go for a walk

d) examine my life

15. My body is:

a) a burden

b) a tool

c) my body

d) my temple

16. My underwear is:

a) none of your business

b) clean

c) sexy and clean

d) sexy, clean and comfortable

17. When I shop, I:

a) always find the least expensive choice

b) enjoy bargain hunting, but splurge occasionally

c) go for quality over quantity

d) buy it if I love it (if I can afford it)

18. If there is a rule I don't like, I:

a) follow it anyway

b) tolerate it

c) occasionally break it

d) disregard it

19. Love is:

a) a fairytale fantasy

b) hard

c) sweet

d) what makes the world go round

20. I think women:

a) belong in the home

b) shouldn't try to compete with men

c) are fun to hang around with

d) are powerful and can change the world

Scoring Your Pleasure Personality

If you got mostly:

As: You are a pleasure puritan. You need pleasure so badly it hurts to watch. With a little bit of an open mind and an open heart, you whole life can blossom if you just let it.

Bs: You are a pleasure pincher. You are in need of a pleasure transfusion. It's not fatal, but it could be if you don't start looking for more pleasure right now. The capacity for more pleasure is within you.

Cs: You are a pleasure adventuress. You go, girl! You are on the right path and have tasted some of the delights of pleasure. Keep going, you are almost to the palace!

Ds: You are a pleasure revolutionary. Congratulations! You are a model for other women to follow, but we know that's not why you do it. You love pleasure. You love life. And people love being with you because your pleasure is contagious. Keep on spreading the love.