Deaf Cheerleader Makes Dream Come True

Melissa Adams overcomes adversity with the help of fellow teammates.
3:32 | 12/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deaf Cheerleader Makes Dream Come True
Young commitment -- long dream to be a professional cheerleader seemingly. Well nothing out of the ordinary though her realizing that dream would seem to be as the dreamer in question is almost entirely death. BC's Andrea canning -- explains how she wouldn't be stopped with a little help from her teammates. -- beautiful but never misses a -- Energy is electrifying. And I the the for the first time is unlike anything I've ever done just -- over allotment. Sense of accomplished man. It was so -- teammates are fueled by the loud music and the -- of this scene Diego crowd. Is what Melissa years. Know what the sound that you can hear it the best out on the field that being said I just hear a lot of background music. And hard to differentiate. What is -- from screening mortar attack dollar whistle Bryan the with so because the high frequencies and it's actually. Have not in my. Brown that hearing. Doctors don't know why Melissa started losing her hearing at the age of five. But since then it has only gotten worse today she's lost 85% of her hearing and communicates with the help of a hearing aid and lip reading. If you took that hearing aid out right now would you -- to hear me now. Not enough so it's been -- off after it helps me tremendously. And I need a few vehicles and live and -- -- the -- things get more complicated. But the other cheerleaders getting the routine ride is dependent on being able to hear the music and the numbers that are called out by their captain. Melissa instead relies on her teammates to show her the way. Sometimes it's a head Bob from a teammate like. Events -- -- -- numbers I'm calling on him in here that numbers. So what do you do and bitterly look at her and -- make a motion as well so quickly if the country in coming up -- -- I think it's kind. -- -- -- -- -- -- is one of perseverance and dedication Melissa tried out for the charger -- five times only to be told she didn't make the squad. On her six try she finally heard her name called for the first time post. People I would think would have given up your second wife and keep going. You know it's something I really want to head I've always wanted to be. Paying professional. Did it make -- more determined to come back next year after it every night didn't make it looked at it as an opportunity CU. Figure out what I can change. To make better for next year. Instead of looking at it as I thank god how did it feel on the sixth. Try this six year -- ecology and job they just completely dropped them -- never -- but my diet and but I want had. -- -- even made the cover of this year's challenger do you think she's opened the door. For other people to think yes I can do this have some people might look at your situation and -- defeat and -- sees an opportunity. They really that. Melissa hopes to serve as an inspiration to anyone with a disability who has the drive and did you read no matter what happens. You shouldn't -- about and should achieve her -- That's all I want I want but it what -- see my example. And the -- dogs have --

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Melissa Adams overcomes adversity with the help of fellow teammates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15234019","title":"Deaf Cheerleader Makes Dream Come True","url":"/GMA/video/deaf-cheerleader-makes-dream-true-15234019"}