Unclaimed Money Helps Mississippi Home for Children Thrive

A Mississippi home gives new hope to local kids.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for Unclaimed Money Helps Mississippi Home for Children Thrive
You did a great job. Time for our series, it's incredibly popular with you folks at home, it's called "show me the money." Why wouldn't it be. Our friend elisabeth lieamy traveled to mississippi. Good morning. This one got me right here. Let me tell you. Beuse we're going take you inside a boys and girls home that truly changes lives. ♪ this is hope in action. ♪ ♪ this little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine ♪ Reporter: Palmer home for children is where children come to live when their parents can't care for them. It's a place where every child has a chance. ♪ Let it shine ♪ and soon, we'll give them a chance to cheer. If there was a place to take those children that needed stability, good parenting, needed a home. What would it look like? Where would it be? It exists right here. Reporter: Some come po taumer home as babies. What do you like about living here? Playing outside. Reporter: Others, as teens. They give you the room to grow and they're like, grow. And so I did. Reporter: Many stay their entire childhoods. It's like a giant family. Reporter: The children live as families in cot tajs overseen by house parents. Demaris and tito are hour parents to eight children from 8-year-old to 15-year-olds. We hang out, we eat dinner. Reporter: They do everything any parents would do. They're not our biological children. We love them as if they were our own. Reporter: Up to 90 children can live her in six cottages. No one else on the face of the earth will understand the trials and triumphs as the other house parents. Reporter: You're all in-laws? Palmer house handles everything the children need. Does it all with private donations. It's a leap of faith. We don't know where that money will come from. It's a stretch. We absolutely could use a big gift right now. Reporter: We're about to help. Good morning, america. And breaking right now, a massive explosion. A stunning and deadly attack in pakistan. A suicide bomber rams a car filled with explosives into a u.S. Government vehicle. Leaving a giant crater. More than 20 people wounded in the blast. Americans among the victims. Also breaking, stung new allegations about tom cruise. The bombshell claims by "vanity fair" about his search for a wife before he married katie holmes. Was scientology auditioning actresses? And watch out. A monster truck right into the crowd of spectatospectators. Everyone's okay. How did the driver lose control? That money got lost. And ended up in mississippi's unclaimed property program. It touches my heart. Every time I have the opportunity to give some dollars back, it's a blessing. Reporter: More than 100 people gather in mississippi's sweltering heat to find out how much lost money has been found. I'm elisabeth leamy with "good morning america." We're ready to show you some money. To do that, I want to introduce mississippi state treasurer lynne fitch. This is an exciting time to be with y'all. I get to show you the money. I have a chaek for the palmer home and for the mississippi sheriff's boys and girls ranch in the amount of $108,997.15. yea! Whoo-hoo. Very, very grateful. So many things we can do with this. We certainly preerpt it. Thank you. ♪ Let it shine let it shine let it shine ♪ all right. And if more than $100,000 wasn't enough, wait, there's more. The vicksburg humane society and the animal rescue league also got unclaimed money from the same estate. You can see those check presentations on our website. You do not play around with the six-figure give aways. I know at home, you have said, I'm going to check to see if there is unclaimed money for me. Do it today on our website. Oh, lara spencer. Great job, eli.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A Mississippi home gives new hope to local kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17141648","title":"Unclaimed Money Helps Mississippi Home for Children Thrive","url":"/GMA/video/unclaimed-money-mississippi-home-boys-girls-home-lives-17141648"}