Tip of the Day: Protect Your Home From Bugs and Other Critters

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Did you know when you travel, you may end up carrying nasty bugs or parasites back home with you? How do you make sure this doesn't happen – and what bugs are most common?

Stay alert when on vacation and inspect your clothes when packing them up for any noticeable bugs. Place all of your clothes in the dryer when you return and use the hottest setting that the clothes will allow. If you notice any major symptoms of parasites, contact a doctor immediately.

This is a list of the most common and dangerous bugs or diseases that you could take home with you or find in your home:

1. The Human Bot Fly 2. Fish Tapeworms 3. Taenia Solium

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'GMA' Tip of the Day: Protect Your Home

4. Lice & Bedbugs 5. Guinea Worm 6. Malaria 7. Chagas Disease