Valentine's Day Dinner Done: Chicken and Trimmings

It's almost Valentine's Day and every year it's the same stress. Where do you take your partner to dinner? How can you make it special without breaking the bank?

This year, "Good Morning America" did the hard work for you. We put together three inexpensive and easy to make meals using recipes from some of our most popular guests like Emeril Lagasse, Sara Moulton, Rocco DiSpirito and Melissa Clark to save you the time and the hassle.

At the end of each rundown is a shopping list of what you'll need from the supermarket.

PHOTO: Roasted Chicken
Keysha McGrady/ABC

This menu is completely approachable and will almost certainly assure success for the most challenged cooks out there. This crowd-pleasing roasted chicken from celebrity Emeril Lagasse has just a handful of ingredients but packs a lot of flavor. The best part is after a few simple steps you stick the bird in the oven and let it cook.

PHOTO: Mashed Potatoes
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There are few side dishes as simple to master and delicious to eat as mashed potatoes. Sara Moulton keeps it easy with her well-crafted, fooll-proof recipe. With only five ingredients, you may have everything you need already in your kitchen.

PHOTO: Emeril Lagasse's Hearts of Romaine With Warm Caramelized Onion Dressing
Ida Mae Astute/ABC

To round out your dinner you will need a salad. Something fresh and green to counter the filling chicken and potatoes. Emeril's hearts of romaine salad with warm caramelized onion dressing is just the right addition and was chosen as one of the three final dishes in the "Come Together" campaign, urging people to have dinner parties and donate money to Feeding America, which feeds hungry Americans. So, you can feel good about it while you're eating it.

Shopping List

Butcher or Deli: free-range chicken
Fruits and Vegetables:

romaine Lettuce

Oils, Condiments and Spices:

black pepper
olive oil
white wine vingear

Baking Goods:

granulated sugar

Dairy and Juices:

Parmesan shavings

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