10 Things You Do to Save That Cost You More

Becky Worley reveals common mistakes people make when trying to save money.
3:01 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for 10 Things You Do to Save That Cost You More
Now another installment of our popular series showing -- even money. Over the last few years pinching pennies has gone to new extremes in these tough times but our Becky Worley has a look at -- things. A lot of us -- thinking we're saving cash -- were actually will wind up spending more money. Mean -- involved. Cooper I don't think now. Should hold on a recent article I read just stopped me in my tracks. Things you do to save money that really -- -- Driving miles to save money. I'm not thinking about the cost of gas and all things average down seven miles of driving costs you about a dollar. Factored into the final price of the bargain item -- -- -- a morning routine -- That's where Gary -- can -- opponent Hillary likes brakes and tires. Replacing brake pads about 300 bucks every 101000 miles replacing the actual -- -- PM. More like a thousand -- and its highest let him get. Don't do maintenance on yourself to. Remember the cocaine now is better than paying for -- root canal a major surgery in the future next up buying in bulk. I did this -- all the time -- -- thinking -- gonna save big bucks but when I get to the end of the bag dilemma and learned the last part of that she is it's gone bad and it. Roll it out. And buy one get one resales also excite our inner spendthrift. But I think you pay more for the first item and you don't really need the second did know Groupon or online deal office. Regardless of the discount -- budget that 50% off basket weaving class. Now this next one really surprised me. Doing your own taxes unless you have a dead simple return the 200 dollar average -- -- -- that this single lot more than that on your return. OK -- check did your wallet look like this. You took the offered to save 30% on your purchase today by signing up or store credit card write -- But are you paying it off on time doesn't have an annual -- Itself. Might want to cancel those guys send this next one is about the difference between a budget I don't and something that's cheap. He is that a one dollar screwdriver set it's as good as a higher qualities. Choose carefully to avoid replacing frequently used items. In the future and finally. -- parking meter. This one has cost me eight ton of cash here's the reenact. I'm going for cost I think I'll be right back money to pay for parking -- come back in minutes and own a fifty dollar parking ticket. -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't have.

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{"id":15849175,"title":"10 Things You Do to Save That Cost You More","duration":"3:01","description":"Becky Worley reveals common mistakes people make when trying to save money.","url":"/GMA/video/10-things-save-cost-15849175","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}