10-year-old boy who allegedly stole car is charged with a felony

The boy allegedly led police on a high-speed chase because he was bored.
2:18 | 10/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 10-year-old boy who allegedly stole car is charged with a felony
Now to that video you have to see to believe. It shows the aftermath of a 10-year-old's dangerous high-speed joyride. ABC's Stephanie Ramos joins us with a look at what happened after the child was finally pulled over. His mother right there on the scene. Stephanie, good morning. Reporter: Dan and Cecilia, good morning. This video is incredible. This defiant young boy gets behind the wheel of a car, risking people's lives and his own and it was all because he was bored, police say. Read him a Miranda. Reporter: Even officers were puzzled about how to handle Arre arresting this elementary school age suspect. He led police on a 50-mile chase and he's only 10. You're going to jail. Why would you do this Ena kept trying to get you to stop. Reporter: We see the boy once he finally stops the car. The child's parents arrive just as he's being taken into custody. I want y'all to take his To jail. He's go to detention hall. Reporter: The cops weren't the only authority figure after him. His mom was also in the hot pursuit. My 10-year-old stole his dad's car and I'm following him and he's running from me report watch as it crosses over the highway median. He running. And into oncoming traffic. Do not let him get by. Reporter: The wild ride reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour on the Ohio turnpike. If I hadn't yielded to him he would have hit me right there by the rodblock. Reporter: The 50-mile-long ride ends after he knocks over a highway sign and officers able to box the vehicle in between two patrol car and arrest their guy. I told him he could have hurt somebody, himself or he could have been killed. You could have killed somebody else. He's in custody. Reporter: Amazingly no one was hurt during all of this but his rap sheet is growing charged with a third degree felony for the chase and also facing charges for stealing a different family car just a few weeks ago in another county. Now, the boy's family says they think he got the idea of reckless driving from playing video games. You watch that video and you have your hands over your eyes and we're all kind of laughing at it but it's a sad story. Absolutely on a lot of levels. Oh, absolutely and he could have injured so many people. Or himself. Or himself. Yes, absolutely. Stephanie, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"The boy allegedly led police on a high-speed chase because he was bored.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50780845","title":"10-year-old boy who allegedly stole car is charged with a felony","url":"/GMA/video/10-year-boy-allegedly-stole-car-charged-felony-50780845"}