11 Walmart Bomb Threats in Missouri and Kansas

Bomb threats caused police to evacuate the Midwest superstores.
1:46 | 07/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 11 Walmart Bomb Threats in Missouri and Kansas
Now to the rash of bomb threats at walmart stores. A total of 11 at stores in missouri and kansas. Some of the threats have led to evacuations. John slichriffen has the latest. Reporter: The bomb threats have caused fear. The threats have been similar. In kansas, three stores received phone calls early sunday morning. In each case, the caller saying explosive devices were on the premises. In one case, a store was told, many people would die. Eight stores targeted in missouri on friday evening. 11 cases in all. A lot of people didn't know what was going on. They were being rushed out. Reporter: Former fbi profiler brad garrett says at this point, police are working to see if the cases are connected. Obviously, the caller has some issue with walmart. They got fired perhaps. They had an issue with walmart in the presence or past. Reporter: Garrett says in the wake of the mass shooting in colorado, communities all around the country are on high alert. I don't think people should be worried about shopping at walmart. I think they should understand that law enforcement takes bomb threseriously. They cost communities a lot of money. But, yes, law enforcement is a little bit more on edge. Obviously, because of what happened in aurora. Reporter: Walmart released a statement saying we're certained anytime someone makes a threat to our customers and associates. We apologize to custer ins for inconvenience. Something to keep an eye on. Now to, "your voice, your vote."

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{"id":16885915,"title":"11 Walmart Bomb Threats in Missouri and Kansas","duration":"1:46","description":"Bomb threats caused police to evacuate the Midwest superstores.","url":"/GMA/video/11-walmart-bomb-threats-missouri-kansas-16885915","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}