11.11.11: 24-Hours In Busy Delivery Room

Cameron Mathison visits hospital busy with women giving birth on popular date.
4:34 | 11/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 11.11.11: 24-Hours In Busy Delivery Room
-- -- -- -- Maybe 111111. Time you need all those babies born since our cameras started rolling a couple of right now it's gonna Cameron mathison who spent all night I'm awarded. In those delivered. The the gloom. 44 hours. In the maternity ward yeah. That delivers more babies in almost any other hospital in the country. Frankly -- This is baby -- is that. They're hunkered down -- moms and dads and nurses and doctors after -- Palmer hospital in Orlando Florida who welcome a steady stream of new horizons. And today's date 111111. Only comes around once in a century. It's a very spiritual -- -- very exciting day. -- -- for Stephanie and Christopher expecting their first baby was turning he's been like the best. Spend costume complete -- and Joseph await their second. Few doors down Lee and Raymond are about to meet this new bill. Beautiful baby -- arrives at 11:14. AM. Not much later -- and Joseph welcome -- -- After being weighed and measured mom and dad settle into a private. -- with new addition. Just amazing thing in in a few moments right here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It gets -- And there's still more to come I watched in as soon. Whoever's in the rebels are -- little Leila Valentina. Of the world Leila -- -- Cindy's fourth child and let me tell you when -- arrived here. It's not a dry eyes in the. Making her national television debut -- about 3.5 seconds -- For between seven years to make my. But we're not done yet we're just getting going at 8:17 PM for Stephanie -- to Madison -- into the world. Hours and hours after labor began. That Christopher says he had some heat exhaustion along the way. This and you listening. That's supposed to admit. We've had before birth so far but the nurses tell me that night instantly. That's in part because of tonight's full moon but now what's this with the -- Law flagrant -- Catholic. Sure now for more women are in labor including Angela van hove and waiting with -- -- Eric. And the baby soon to be older brother Cameron. Components and natural birth yes that's a planet. Two hours later true it is a word Cameron is there to watch a little brother -- -- And -- the world. It's midnight and the night shift is waiting for the first 111111. Being. The whole plan. Deliveries in and around that thing. -- -- -- Action and this kind of gives me chills if you -- -- -- calendar nine months back from November 11 you land right. And Marvin -- yeah. -- some of the 111111 babies will meet probably got their start. On Valentine's Day. And getting her official start on -- level -- and is Q your urges zone. The -- and Chris resolve those first child her name means welcome. It's after 5 AM and Christine and Michael are ready for a double dose of -- -- Babies London and Taylor arrived via C section took too -- beaming parents. 24 hours and more than forty babies later in the maternity ward is still abuzz with nine more mothers and fathers have been waiting their turn to question new baby -- --

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{"id":14931598,"title":"11.11.11: 24-Hours In Busy Delivery Room","duration":"4:34","description":"Cameron Mathison visits hospital busy with women giving birth on popular date.","url":"/GMA/video/11112011-24-hours-busy-delivery-room-14931598","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}