12-Year-Old Saves Grandmother's Home

Noah Lamaide's online campaign prevented a Wisconsin home foreclosure.
0:51 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for 12-Year-Old Saves Grandmother's Home
Boom favorite story of the day not personally loved distort what a grandsons love can do when he knows how to use the Internet know what. It's just twelve years old but he already has an online charity he set -- what's called -- dream catcher network to help the victims. A Hurricane Katrina. So -- his own grandma and Stevens Point, Wisconsin gets sick and fell behind her mortgage he turned it was network for help donors didn't let him down yesterday -- gave the bank a check for. Ten -- -- dollars and saved -- grandmothers how cool split Smart and savvy little occupant -- already. Right things that his future well -- -- from the Katrina victims and progress IE brought to our. Local representatives state representatives the government governor and to the president. Not asking for money asking to -- kind of program and they couldn't do it these twelve you'll see this house.

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{"id":15529726,"title":"12-Year-Old Saves Grandmother's Home","duration":"0:51","description":"Noah Lamaide's online campaign prevented a Wisconsin home foreclosure.","url":"/GMA/video/12-year-old-noah-lamaide-saves-grandmothers-home-15529726","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}