12-Year-Old Singing Sensation Now a Movie Star

Jackie Evancho, known for her opera-style voice, discusses her role in "The Company You Keep."
3:00 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for 12-Year-Old Singing Sensation Now a Movie Star
We are now one of the most talented twelve year -- you'll ever meet Jackie -- was already singing sensation and a modeling problem. When Robert Redford called her to play his daughter in the company you keep that she's a movie star to welcome back in GMA you know you're left -- for Christmas a couple of years ago singing. And yeah I gotta tell -- I sat down Robert Redford a couple of days ago and he was most excited he's been talking about Younis city was just sitting. In his in his hotel room when they heard you -- picked up the phone and -- given only once -- -- com. On I didn't really but my dad told me that he played this. Cowboy. A place that -- Description provided every every legend on actor actress Somalia is inspired by them in an abandoned -- -- -- -- you -- -- you did the test in three days later you were actually on the set with the Robert Redford and Julie Christie and Shia LaBeouf and all these amazing. Actors what was that like. -- -- -- Once made because there are such great actors and actresses and I. Was just began -- insight Tenet plants should be as awesome as they weren't. So that it is actually really awesome and it was an honor -- -- You pretty prepare you play his daughter and he's a fugitive he's on the run -- first you have no idea. Why he's on the run -- you prepare for the girls. And I -- it because this character is a little bit more sad and confused I kind of the -- that -- part out of me and I kind of let it show into the camera. Let them pass -- to memorize the lines that -- didn't happen. And with that -- not really no lines -- and kind of short and simple. So there's a little bit easier. So you've done so much it's such a young HBO came in knowing that America's Got Talent you've been circus so -- some for the president you've modeled. As well give any idea. What you want to do later on your career. -- I think the past I'm going now I'm million landing I think that I -- -- actor actress. Actress. -- act when a mother and what you dream -- I don't now hit only option any someone like cabinets. They can't kiss Jennifer Lawrence watch out okay professor. Thank you so much the movie fantastic you -- great and it's true. Back here -- and becoming you keep is in theaters tomorrow.

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{"id":18879648,"title":"12-Year-Old Singing Sensation Now a Movie Star","duration":"3:00","description":"Jackie Evancho, known for her opera-style voice, discusses her role in \"The Company You Keep.\"","url":"/GMA/video/12-year-singing-sensation-now-movie-star-18879648","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}