13 Things Movie Theater Employees Won't Tell You

Reader's Digest's movie theater secrets could save you money and calories.
4:05 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for 13 Things Movie Theater Employees Won't Tell You
Wonder why you cannot resist that popcorn when you go to the movie theater not really delicious I've never -- that but. -- concession prices so high -- we have truth. For you we've teamed up with reader's digest that dishing on the thirteen things your movie theater following. Will not tell you some of we'll save you -- and calories. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Worley and that's -- Getting lost in a good movie is one of life. Great pleasures. Some secrets about this place is you should win out first your tickets. You wanna save money fund limited savings -- like singing on the constant. AAA. Stacy 25%. -- more. And -- are almost always cheaper than an idea might leap -- he would lead a few weeks and be given -- it's now. Think there's a really long line of the box office less crowded Smartphone. Some of the mood changed sports ticket acts like and -- -- let you -- tickets and you found. No printing necessary. This next -- It's not really if secret but let's imported into number when they see the movie starts at 7 o'clock that usually means 710. Or later. Those ads they show they're huge profit source for theaters. And that concession stand hold some major secret. First that -- makes 40% or more of its revenue cost of food and drinks that it sells -- -- using all the tricks they -- to get you to plot. The smell. Of popcorn and I. That -- is from coconut oil use in the proper and the lingering concoctions. I'll leave a call -- -- It was a good theater best seat in the house. Audio technicians. Check this sound about two thirds of the way up this theater and in the center this the optimal spot for audio. He bit too far out over on the sides and may be the dialogues too soft and the sound effects are to last night. Only if you're wondering what happens all the popcorn kernels you drop or new. Moon is usually swept under the seats between -- -- not cleaned up. -- the 32 rule is definitely. Does not apply. The Good Morning America back to where they ABC news of the -- He reader's digest editor in chief and chief content officer was not -- now with more tips and Liz again we just turned -- money on tickets are priced clubs and how else. To -- Passion sometimes you can just walk up to the customer service desk at the movie theater and say do you have a discount ticket or give a coupon and my hands are wondering there what are hurt anyone. -- cuts. We have been cringing at the thought what should we not be eating a -- stands. Well -- movie theater employees who said that they would always eat the popcorn though it says and the back a candidate but they would have -- -- -- NASA to hot pretzels and hot why can't you know you're not. Restaurant so there's no -- to have fresh food warm Anthony equal frets that lovely looking orange stuff on the -- -- that it. -- and that little container for three or four days. Three needed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It to a fork in the road you're going smallest tiny -- ready it's really it's really big and small might not means mom -- go to an -- website for example they say 325 calories for a small but some theaters a smiles this biggest causes big smiles -- -- -- could be up to 625. Calories so small. Is the amount of popcorn you can holding two open cup tangible -- and that's -- yeah and I. I think for just 25 cents more you -- medium and Simon Hanna of arrogant quickly easily run movies used what are the exact. -- sometimes if you're not if you don't have to be the first person on the black to see a movie you can see it two or three weeks later and still seen in the theater at a discounted price terrific. -- back -- thank you so much.

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{"id":18073900,"title":"13 Things Movie Theater Employees Won't Tell You","duration":"4:05","description":"Reader's Digest's movie theater secrets could save you money and calories.","url":"/GMA/video/13-things-movie-theater-employees-18073900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}