13 Weight-Loss Secrets Experts Won't Tell You

Reader's Digest's Liz Vaccariello explains various ways to help shed the pounds.
2:42 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for 13 Weight-Loss Secrets Experts Won't Tell You
It -- -- delightful woman I -- Edwards at the author of the digest diet of reader's digest. Chief content editor and editor in chief this backer thank you for being -- There are so tell us a little bit about this digest diet what makes a difference well we've done is found the perfect combination of super fast -- last. That's also extremely. Healthy. And everything Becky just talked about these are called that release yours yeah they're part of the food in the meal plans on the diet and the most exciting about it is that we proved that it works we put fourteen years on the plan -- -- All of them classmate but our biggest our lives 26. Pounds in three weeks capped it off and captain -- still -- -- -- got into that I don't you say that. -- -- Air filter that helps dentists to me was threatening I think everybody will be surprised that the -- -- three it has something to do have to -- we lose or don't that is. Might see this here is how did I didn't say it's about the food you putting your body better environmental factors can impact that -- -- -- university they did the study and people exposed to. On the particulate matter in air. Have a higher risk of diabetes which as we know is associated with anxiety that you needed pollution here is finished and evolutionary allergens in the house of hot air filter can help. Really. Heavy that seems like a pretty simple solution you want to talk about why we crave junk one we -- -- why we crave it. Please do tell because I think we're all victims of that this is crazy it's because you're thinking -- minds. Double whammy for people who work at a desk. I'm not only are they not moving but. Mental knowledge based work makes brain -- glucose OK yeah Craig. And calories and sugar -- antidote if you have a diet rich in three things by -- Protein and calcium and -- three the fat we ever had and I don't get excited thinking but just eat that I have yeah. Talk us through it again that's really -- -- what I'm about steamy calcium and fiber OK and everything else is where we women obviously can't forget and find they really haven't we love best. It's like Steve me I don't hate yourself up at you don't have to be a treadmill but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's when I explain the stress makes us hold on the belly fat and it makes me -- More difficult sell your laughing at your releasing stress but also calorie -- in -- of itself in England they did -- study they found that. One hour of laughing was as good as half an hour and again. Fantastic really great -- the diet seems reworking its available right -- out of the diet digest -- we thank you -- everybody reader's digest always love having you here.

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{"id":15960546,"title":"13 Weight-Loss Secrets Experts Won't Tell You","duration":"2:42","description":"Reader's Digest's Liz Vaccariello explains various ways to help shed the pounds.","url":"/GMA/video/13-weight-loss-secrets-experts-15960546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}