14-Pound Baby is US's Biggest Born in 2013

Joel Brandon Jr.'s mom says she was "shocked" when she saw how much her son weighed.
2:14 | 11/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 14-Pound Baby is US's Biggest Born in 2013
We've been talking about it all morning. Likely you'll be talking about it all day. The biggest baby born in the u.S. This year. Confirmed. Not your average bundle of joy. Brandi hitt has the story. Big boy. Big boy. Hi. Reporter: Born tipping the scales at a whopping 14 pounds, joel brandon jr. Is the biggest baby delivered in the u.S. So far in 2013. It waelly was a big surprise for us how large he was. Reporter: He came into the world in american fork, utah, a week early about six months ago. The last ultrasound. It showed 11 pounds. They put him on the scale and said 14, we were all, like, really shocked. Reporter: That's roughly the same weight as many thanksgiving turkeys. Nearly two gallons of water. And carrying this big bundle of joy was not easy. It was painful. Let me tell you. My last couple weeks, I really couldn't get out of bed. Reporter: Many are wondering how did sara deliver j.J. He was born via cesarean section. Big babies run in their family. And sara's type I diabetes likely contributed to his size. He was treated for respiratory issues but is doing well. He wears the same size diapers as his 2-year-old sisters. He's two pounce shy of what his-year-old twin sisters weigh. But the brandons say doctors believe j.J. Will start slimming down when he's a toddler. He's on his own scale. You just have to accept that. Reporter: For "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. Gorgeous. This update, just hours after that story, he's a men's medium. We do have a picture of him in the sink. You wondered if you could bathe the baby in the sink. You have to take out all the dishes. He's so beautiful. Congratulations. Happy, happy.

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{"id":20775064,"title":"14-Pound Baby is US's Biggest Born in 2013","duration":"2:14","description":"Joel Brandon Jr.'s mom says she was \"shocked\" when she saw how much her son weighed.","url":"/GMA/video/14-pound-baby-uss-biggest-born-2013-20775064","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}