$150,000 Dog Collar Leads Over-the-Top Pet Bling

Dr. Marty Becker shows off the ultimate collection of pricey pet gear.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for $150,000 Dog Collar Leads Over-the-Top Pet Bling
Right now, we're also really excited about these little fellas. Get ready for lifestyles of the rich and furry. We have some of the most outrageous, for your best buddy. And marty becker has gathered these. Let's get right to it. Let's start with some of the bling. Believe it or not. Is this real? Dermatologists want you to bathe your pet every week to cut down on allergies. It's hard to get them in the bath. This is the home pet spa. It has 16 different high-pressure jets. You turn it on right here. And you get them in here. Two doors that open up. This is on wheels. You can take it around. You bathe them in here. And it has a turny here. There's a legitimate shower happening in this box, people. Yeah. The high-pressure jets. And you have the hard-to-reach places. 900. That's a good price for this. Just a hose. Good job, ragu. Good job, ragu. You never looked better. You're all clean. Now, we have to get gussied up. This is alvin here. Alvin was just neutered on monday. He was neutered on monday. Today, he has on a silk velour outfit here. It's called the ruby red gown. It has all sorts of beautiful lace and swarovski -- but the ruby diva dangle. Now, he's wearing a dress. But he was neutered on monday. He's no longer a he. Comfortable in his own fur. This is new york. 1,980 for the ruby gown. That's crazy. It's not too much. We love our pets. This has two different things. If you go for a walk, you can take off the lower level. You need some bangles. When I was a kid in southern idaho, we had a collar that would last one dog. This is from ilovedogdiamonds.Com. This is leather and platinum and white gold. There's 15 carats in this collar. What's going on? The whole show has been invaded by diamonds. And wait until you see brandy. Talk about bedazzled. A $2.5 million bra? Why not a $150,000 dog collar. Diamonds in the ruff, ruff. After a long night out in your dangling bangles, then, you need a good night's sleep. They're pleased. Can I put galen in here? This is from bnycdogs.Com. And this is from decadent digs. And it's a nice velour elements. It's got the little poles right here. If they want to get private time. You undo these. And galen can get into the heavy petting in private. Marty becker. 950. 950 for a dog bed. And these are all just major exgraf g extravaga extravagances. You can do like a puppet show. That's also fun. The one thing I really do like here. People who have the dog collars, there's other products they sell. The dog bath, I do want you to bathe your pets once a week to cut down on pet allergies. Most of these pets came to us from the humane society from new york. To find out where you can get the items for your dogs and bonus products for your cat. And adopt one of these guys. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"id":17507055,"title":"$150,000 Dog Collar Leads Over-the-Top Pet Bling","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Marty Becker shows off the ultimate collection of pricey pet gear.","url":"/GMA/video/150000-dog-collar-leads-top-pet-bling-17507055","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}