Lotto Winner Claims at Last Minute

Officials are suspicious of why the winners waited so long to claim their prize.
2:28 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Lotto Winner Claims at Last Minute
It turned out to a lottery mystery out of Iowa. Sixteen and a half million dollars at stake. -- ticket holder waited to the last minute to claim his prize and lottery officials are so suspicious of his story there refusing for now. Given the prize CBC's Lindsey Davis has the story. Just over 24 hours from now this sixteen and a half million dollar Iowa lottery ticket will either prove to be a -- Or a ripple. Someone purchased the ticket at a -- quick trip back in December 2010. Almost a year to -- day later with just two hours before it expired a man stepped forward. And that's when the mystery started. Crawford -- -- the 76 year old lawyer from Bedford New York almost 12100 miles away. He claims to represent the real owners of the ticket. A trust called -- some investments but -- a lot of officials grew suspicious when he mailed in the sign ticket from a PO box and misspelled Texan. And Shaw has yet to explain how he -- they have some trust got the Iowa ticket in the first place or why they waited an entire year to -- it. It would be interesting to know if -- -- some investments even existed. At the time when the -- lottery ticket was purchased. Now -- has until 3 PM tomorrow to explain who actually bought the ticket and prove that the sixteen and a half million should be released to him where -- Show us the information show us the story and -- -- the money. Lotto officials say there even checking the store's security camera footage from the day of the purchase. Looking for clues on who really blocked the ticket and if -- in the heck some trust can't -- their story. There appears to me on the face of it the criminal acts have been committed with respect to people claiming to be -- rightful owner who haven't. That's attempted fraud for Good Morning America Lindsey Davis ABC news New York. And other data governor -- to -- this plays out we'll be watching.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Officials are suspicious of why the winners waited so long to claim their prize.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15446206","title":"Lotto Winner Claims at Last Minute","url":"/GMA/video/165-million-iowa-lotto-winner-claim-minute-15446206"}