18-Year-Old Moves in With Teacher

James Hooker resigned his teaching job and left his family to live with the teen
2:54 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for 18-Year-Old Moves in With Teacher
The uproar over -- student teacher affair in California. James -- has resigned his teaching job and left his wife and kids. To move in with eighteen year old Jordan powers his former student and her mom is doing everything she can't descend into jail for it. ABC Cecilia Vega spoke to them all in an ABC news exclusive. My best friend I mean is more than just. -- -- They say it's true love I don't regret anything about last fifteen years James Coker is 41 -- -- worst eighteen. But it's not just their age difference that has many in Modesto outraged it is the fact that until recently James -- was mr. -- Powers his teacher. They first met when powers was a high school freshman. But they say they became romantic only after she turned eighteen in September. Now they've gone public with their relationship. -- has resigned his teaching position and left his wife and kids. Including seventeen year old daughter at the same school power stopped attending classes and moved into an apartment with her now former business teacher. How did she compare to your other students in the class she was just a student unions think twice about her there was no home special attractions we we were -- Very much teacher student. Role. They say their feelings grew slowly. But exactly when their relationship became physical is now the center of a police investigation. Spawned by powers -- mother. I think she was groomed for this thinking that he was in pursuit of this last month Tammy powers went to the police and now -- waging a war on FaceBook posting this letter. -- classmates took photos of quote jordin sitting on his lap when she was still hookers student. And -- the two exchanged 8000 text messages long late night phone calls and emails -- powers was a minor. And she says wasn't legally old enough to consent. It's when your authoritative position as an educator. You don't -- didn't. Carry it did at any time any triggers red -- so -- your mind to say. Not appropriate. I think there were. Red flags per say to both of you understand how people hearing your story. Might not believe that this relationship. Didn't necessarily Begin. When you were eighteen. I think that they're just taking turns something that wasn't there I mean of course they're going to be -- -- but. -- -- -- -- fact there's nothing I don't think I look at her as a student at all I think we mean we are sharing life. People are dying cream because of -- -- their friends -- because he was a teacher and I was a student but. I think it's a normal relations he's -- master manipulator he thinks he's above reproach above the law for Good Morning America Cecilia Vega ABC news Modesto California.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"James Hooker resigned his teaching job and left his family to live with the teen","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15825405","title":"18-Year-Old Moves in With Teacher","url":"/GMA/video/18-year-teenager-moves-41-year-teacher-15825405"}