'19 Kids & Counting' Family Gets Even Bigger

Jill Duggar announced she is expecting her first child with husband Derick Dillard.
1:36 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for '19 Kids & Counting' Family Gets Even Bigger
family, the duggars, "19 kids and couttsing" about to get bigger and ABC's linsey Davis has the scoop. Reporter: It's been a busy year for the Duggar family stars of tlc's "19 kids and counting." Would you marry me. Reporter: Jim bob and Michelle's second old est daughter marrying. And now the newlyweds who were first introduced via Skype are making a big announcement in this week's "People" magazine. Life slowed down and then we found out that we're pregnant. Yay. We're surprised. I had taken two negative pregnancy tests previously and my sisters were asking if I was pregnant and I'm like, no. They're like, well, mom has pregnancy tests upstairs and you could be pregnant so you should take one. It was more to prove them wrong, I'm not pregnant. I'll show you so. Well -- Reporter: She's a trained midwife and assisted on 70 Earth abouts herself and said she wants to give birth at home because it's way more comfortable and relaxed. Reporter: The couple's news coming days after Jill's younger sister jesse announced her engagement to Ben adding another member to the Duggar clan that doesn't appear to be done growing any time soon. As many kids as god will give us. Reporter: For "Good morning America," linsey Davis, ABC news. Sweet shot. New season of "19 kids and counting" premieres in September on tlc. Go to goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! For more. "Pop news" and weather coming up.

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{"id":25049257,"title":"'19 Kids & Counting' Family Gets Even Bigger","duration":"1:36","description":"Jill Duggar announced she is expecting her first child with husband Derick Dillard. ","url":"/GMA/video/19-kids-counting-family-bigger-25049257","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}