2011: Royal Wedding, Bin Laden Death, Arab Spring

Revolutions, protests and fierce weather dominate news stories in 2011.
11:53 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for 2011: Royal Wedding, Bin Laden Death, Arab Spring
-- a look back at the stunning and memorable moments. That's one mile. Hey good morning good morning to all of you good morning good morning good morning good morning Good Morning America. How do you respond. There's we'll talk about the students don't -- your -- your bravery your fatalities this morning. The market took -- -- to happen. News has learned that Osama bin Laden has been killed Navy SEALs -- cannot afford helicopters on -- mansion in Pakistan. -- -- -- USA construction workers on the job here. At ground zero I know -- We Americans about freedom that we have we can say to those families who lost loved ones to Al qaeda's terror. Justice. -- become an all too familiar sight in America makeshift memorial. For the victims of initiation. Yeah. Currently there. It's done targeted console -- coming days to see my. Leon what -- welcome back are wonderful. -- -- -- -- Such an extraordinary moment at times -- she didn't do well she's told the. To yourself I'll go back to congress effective yeah. Thousands of -- -- demonstrators gathered. And again. Mubarak stepping. -- -- -- -- -- The only if they do. -- -- After months on the run. -- -- -- Final American soldiers -- -- right now. To nearly nine years America's -- and -- video and -- watch. And I don't think there's any words to describe. I'm super excited -- 101000 house lifted offensively don't -- And everyone is okay. Warning of a possible nuclear meltdown now the desperate. The race against time. Yeah. It's not what happened here in Joplin. It was certainly the worst look at what these people had to live through take a look at this -- you can see a break coming through the door this is the saint John's hospital. That was once a gleaming seven story building. The damage in this part of town -- -- Flooding has peaked and that has to -- river here have been looking -- about 48. Growing up -- is still going through this area. It's almost impossible to come before the hurricane made landfall forty -- -- here. Monopoly here in Orlando. The jury find the defendant not guilty it was swift and stunning -- so many -- Carty won. Yeah. Knox case new forensic findings could help overturn her conviction four years after the brutal murder of British roommate Meredith -- it has all come down to this -- It does remain -- back -- outside the courtroom. We -- that we have released them. Okay. -- day it becomes more difficult there's not only manner. Doesn't go by that I don't think it moments burned me that jury find the -- guilty. Yeah the only justice sir Michael is talking -- -- In Iraq debate so far 101000 -- 101000 -- -- back. -- from here. Every -- campaign and they tapped me on the shoulder column I'll be right there from Canada. Perhaps -- cop -- education. -- told you this move around my back you've gotten bigger and what was the relationship exactly what it was in the there was a fun was intersects it was a very casual affair. Yes he -- I have -- Presidential -- campaign. Owner Rick Perry. There's a real questions about the visit to. Questions about. The his own his own citizenship there is no question that included a certificate of live -- that you recognized I know exactly -- -- getting defensive. Docking case gets ahead of the and that charges of sexual assault what's -- stocks after these puppies I could keep listening -- me what fuel. Clients just six I want him to -- -- -- depending -- Panetta said earlier this year that is just a matter of time before this revolution. It's Iraq does this mean the US has some plan for the Middle East is that your -- and you know I have no fear. Robyn Gardner vantage succeed she was vacationing with a man she met online legal question on everyone's mind they want to now. If you had anything to do absolutely not absolutely not. Hot water for a high profile New York congressman it was a hoax. There was some of sending a picture of a winner on winners accountant -- -- definitively is that a photograph of you. We're trying to find out this with a -- that photograph came from at the Indiana state fair everything changed with a gust of wind. People who have -- To see Sugar Land Foster. What went through your your -- your mind. I went to. He's very likely the single best conventional life it's likes change agents who guided home surrounded by. -- -- -- Overnight a boxing great Joseph Frazier. We must have some special fitness legend -- He was one of the most popular first ladies in recent history and in many ways she revolutionized the job. -- what I want. Okay. And all this time I really hate to say what is on my mind until. You don't get any luck here in life. Have you ever father -- she wanted on your tombstone. -- -- and business. -- hated being called. But -- -- -- -- -- By winning all these grants we have people thinking Charlie Sheen news has got -- -- I -- on a drug called Charlie Sheen. Iran Amazon made Sinatra. When jagr mature adult on this we're -- You know drew BI harmless children Lindsay Lohan she is going back to jail do you accept all -- these conditions mr. -- heater and soft sensational. Yeah. That they. Bob and -- proud Papa Dave -- 51 year old actor Doug Hutchison married sixteen year old Courtney Scott and their age difference -- the Internet ablaze lot of people online -- -- However if they need to feel this way that's bears hold. I think it's fry them. Friday Friday gotta get down. I'm gonna read you just some of the comments that people have been saying online and they're not nice. I hate her voice it's going to be stuck in my head for life I -- saying. An accomplishment now that the plane -- -- -- catchy sound. -- worry about your moment having. We'll wrap up. Lopez and Marc Anthony -- -- after seven years of marriage their splitting up. And they Moore and Ashton Kutcher are divorcing after six years of marriage Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announce they are separating involve little child with a member of this household staff. -- -- You say -- shocked but what you were given a bit of Canada. What they're thinking -- it didn't happen like this big meeting to say this is what we're gonna do what did you think. Certain things happen in life and in got to move forward. Oprah's last day yesterday she said goodbye the. Five years you. I now I see what pat Kelly -- -- smiling for so many years which is why. Funeral. Oh yeah clearly he's finally know that I got free days. I feel like -- Okay. All of America were here at Kensington Palace. Here -- incredibly I remember when we were there in London helped form we were because of tornadoes back in Alabama across the south where hundreds. -- -- 90 and it looks like you're certainly we're just so split about being near the royal wedding really wanted to be handled. At that the would have pumped here -- -- so many huge huge events we -- -- again thank everyone who put that together just great work. For everyone and staff thank you so much.

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{"id":15212762,"title":"2011: Royal Wedding, Bin Laden Death, Arab Spring","duration":"11:53","description":"Revolutions, protests and fierce weather dominate news stories in 2011.","url":"/GMA/video/2011-royal-wedding-bin-laden-death-arab-spring-15212762","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}