2011's Top Media Meltdowns

Katie Couric reveals stories from Charlie Sheen, Anthony Weiner, Paris Hilton.
5:18 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2011's Top Media Meltdowns
Says Tony -- draws to close its current reflect on the past year so many world changing events on the political scene and major happening from pop culture to. In her especially here with Katie -- care Katie will cover all including the moments many people wish we forget but we haven't forgotten how we -- That's right Robin you know it's a two hour prime time special it's kind of like a year Ender on steroids because that she said. We're covering it Colin we're getting -- -- -- little taste of what's to come tonight. With a segment a piece of a segment called the hall of shame these are big names who took. Big faults in 2011. Months. It was a year Weiner -- to be clear the picture was of me. -- -- -- -- On the -- Schwarzenegger has been keeping this secret for years. And PSK -- Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly forced himself on the 32 year old woman. There were a lot of political sex scandals this year those -- my favorite. And Anthony Weiner is expected to resign. 2011 was the year social media -- -- a whole new meaning and where does not know the difference between Twitter and a direct message on Twitter. -- congressman and he knew what -- -- key northern schools and death wish. Today I'm announcing my resignation from congress and all -- For what's. So what's Z. -- -- by a tweet -- for a series of tweets rather lewd photos Weiner sent to six different women. That is the fastest anyone has ruined. Their political career and a click. From one disgraced politician to another there was another scandal to go around. Arnold Schwarzenegger took infidelity to -- cosmic level ominously -- the made it and I'm -- -- -- -- with our. And that I'm gonna have a secret for fifteen years. It was a heartbreaking -- -- to -- Maria someone who went in standing by her husband's side all these years. I'm divorced -- defiance and sex scandals went international. Hockey brawl. -- dominates -- time. Faced charges of sexually assaulting -- -- in in new York city hotel. Well it's. This thing that I could get out of my iPad is that his wife please -- notoriously walking out of that courtroom like yes. My husband may have had sex with someone but at least it wasn't -- The charges were later dropped. But cannot afford made every -- feels like they needed to take a shower had just married it's dirty it's tawdry and it's achieved. Of course since 2011. -- college changed wasn't just about sex -- worry about your moment having passed. It was about dramatic storm out said. Right now I'm curious about whether you support Ben let me hear your borderline being a little bit creative in how we -- good -- -- -- -- -- everyone's feet one year ago. And the mother of all meltdowns. Charlie Sheen can say winning just amazing. Interest -- a mess we don't worry that you're gonna die when you take that many drugs -- mindful. Celebrities -- every year but other candidate lose it to the extent that Charlie Sheen lost -- I mean what's not to love. How did I know you're gonna go there yeah Charlie -- Just a sneak peek of what -- have that's right it is really wide ranging Robin I mean we talk about some serious news stories because it was such a huge year in news whether we're talking about -- death of Osama bin Laden. The tsunami in Japan the Arab Spring of course for going to be talking politics solve those GOP debates and some of the winners and losers there. And so we're also going to be talking about things that people couldn't stop talking about like Casey Anthony for example in the royal wedding. You know things that -- really talked about around the water cooler. A time and time again so I think it's it's really going to be a fun show. Worry if you will yes but -- -- platinum what I -- it better. I know you're really like you also have something -- -- to the heroes of the you know this is actually one of my favorite pieces and the special we talk about -- teen six of course Gabby Giffords and her just incredibly. Inspirational journey. And then someone I know you. Like new JR Martinez -- -- -- inspiring him he was my favorite I'm that he chanting with the star streak and he was my favorite I thought he was just so phenomenal with the fact that he you know inspired so many people and I -- gone from. Those terrible injuries in Iraq to winning the this -- premier -- every -- And I actually interviewed him recently in LA and we hit the dance -- a little JR and I would receive can't forget every minute money and then cut around a little bit I don't know if -- shot -- London. That's going to be a crew -- add New Year's it was really fun there's been great having you join us on -- Katie thank you so much rides.

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{"id":15161013,"title":"2011's Top Media Meltdowns","duration":"5:18","description":"Katie Couric reveals stories from Charlie Sheen, Anthony Weiner, Paris Hilton.","url":"/GMA/video/2011s-top-media-meltdowns-year-katie-couric-covers-15161013","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}