2011's Top Movies: 'The Artist,' 'The Muppets'

EW's Jess Cagle gives his Oscar picks, explains what's hot this holiday weekend.
5:04 | 12/29/11

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Transcript for 2011's Top Movies: 'The Artist,' 'The Muppets'
-- now -- the biggest movies of the year editor just take from the -- from Entertainment Weekly and to discuss them. With -- your favorites are favorites your Oscar predictions and really what we should be seeing in theaters. This frigid coming holiday weekend and just firstly I want -- about a new one out but we've all read the -- girl with the dragon heart tattoo. Compton led by the -- Fincher dragon tattoo -- I'm -- dragon dragonheart it was dragonheart with -- another groovy but we can talk about that video did you not read. The book were already disturbing. And boy David Fincher has really put together a wonderful -- It was at its offense I think I think probably my favorite movies a year I think it's -- It's -- a little bit of a hard time at the box office because I think that Christmas is a very weird time to release a very hard are you don't take a day you don't take the family. But it is a brilliant brilliant film so I figured I think it's gonna and -- And do very well and I hope. I hope that he gets a lot of Oscar attention Arab you got a lot of people for that part amazing she is incredible and she is that she hasn't yet she was -- she was nominated for a Golden Globe she hasn't yet become one of those Oscar front runners but honestly. I can't think of a better performance this -- that is. But the filmmakers how her performance it is amazing interpretation of that character -- -- who is one of the great. Modern heroines and one of the most interesting characters ever created. That's when exit through all three -- -- when you talk about your favorites let's go back a little bit because you loved a movie I love to but I had to leave during throw up scene. I think that I really I'm yeah. I had to let you intend for you right -- -- -- out yeah definitely I'm and an end also crazy stupid love which you raise your blood yes. Unlike bridesmaids which was a huge hit crazy stupid love was another great romantic comedy that I would put up there -- -- summer. I would put it up there with -- hill love actually the great modern romantic comedies. It and it was a great year for comedies and it's it's also -- -- that those movies. Never really get the attention from Oscar that they deserve. But definitely. Bridesmaids crazy stupid love where were among my top five movies of the year and another movie it's getting huge -- right now everybody who's seen it loved it is the -- let's move -- artist is a silent movie also one of my favorites definitely a best picture contender. And done. It's silent it's black and -- it starts people that most of us have ever heard but it is really romantic and really sweet and really funny. Really commercial right now it's in limited release is not made well -- you know on a 150 screens or something like that. Has made a little bit of money I think as awards season continues that's gonna expand and really pick up and -- it could become one of those weird. Commercial hits like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon who knows so -- jumping around Oscar right now certain really -- its sights on some movies where but -- Oscar. I think in the Oscars were held today based on the critics' groups you know their awards based on the the Screen Actors Guild. That which is a better predictor of the Oscars. -- and -- that the academy members that we're speaking -- I think it was held they be artists would actually win best picture really. Yeah artists who win best picture I well I add that could LK -- that's my predictions on the short list who's up there with the art. I think the descendants who's your favorite movie was. -- -- This series -- an accident vaguely nominations for all of them Hugo I think is -- a definite best picture nominee. I think war horse which is another -- -- his his big epic thing. Tree of life. Terrence Malick movie -- -- Montreal -- -- his hidden money my you know released a bit ago. But it doesn't -- that staying past us with -- instantly I think that it does it's it's it's done it's not what -- the ones with with the most -- right now but it certainly deserves a best picture nominee but nominations so I wouldn't be surprised seat in their. Definitely. A best picture nomination I -- best actor nomination for Brad Pitt about. So if you're going to the movies this weekend which I think a lot of folks might be because it's a holiday we get what you see is a lot of new things in and connect and that an -- there also dvds you can -- so what would you recommend I think. Number one movie to go see this weekend if you haven't seen it already Mission Impossible ghost protocol. The best Mission Impossible movie an enormous hit just an amazing film and you see it and you realize of Tom Cruise that's why we love Tom Cruise right. Right and if -- taking family jamming movies I would I would say war horse is a good family movie but also of the Muppets. Which you guys are familiar well yes. -- -- -- -- So that that that would is still in theaters it was not his biggest hit as I thought of course it was a nice -- hit. But on it's still in theaters are still people and families that haven't seen it but I would say go check that out but he quickly -- you -- the artist right now and right now just two -- best actor best to right now if Viola Davis George Clooney. Wow. And yet these are taking that -- good friend Brad Pitt but with no. I think some actually -- -- -- always -- true thanks for having an honor its.

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{"id":15252465,"title":"2011's Top Movies: 'The Artist,' 'The Muppets'","duration":"5:04","description":"EW's Jess Cagle gives his Oscar picks, explains what's hot this holiday weekend.","url":"/GMA/video/2011s-top-movies-artist-muppets-15252465","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}