2011's Top Viral Videos

Celebrities, cute babies and funny animals dominate Internet videos in 2011.
4:57 | 12/26/11

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Transcript for 2011's Top Viral Videos
The year in viral video people -- -- the world watching videos on the Internet. More than three billion times every day so from laughing along its -- making fun of themselves to crying and cooing over cute babies and animals obviously we -- spend. A lot of time watching YouTube this time a year or so what with the hottest viral videos of the year almost passed YouTube -- manager -- a -- joins us from Miami to. Take this to the top five and I've seen all of them except for this one and Kevin I ask you to explain -- this is knee and a it's a cat. It was viewed more than 55. Million times. And what -- I look at it this is Soledad so what do. It was instinct haven't yet you like you know there's something for everybody -- -- flying toaster -- -- a fifty million views on YouTube. This one of those things where it's sort of a big inside joke of the Internet this year -- there are actually thousands of charities and remixes and remakes in this video. There's almost like a collective ownership of it it's kind of hard to explain. But it's coming a lot of people participated in this year highs above baby YouTube should refuse the right to reserve to refuse service is somebody with that OK number four. Very easy. To see -- this is among the best of the best of the best we -- -- a bit earlier that twin babies speaking to each other in the language all their own let's take a look. Bob punchline kills every time is it fair to say Kevin that you -- couple -- out. I'm -- doing most anything and millions will watch together -- you know that's one of the classic genres of YouTube I admit that and but one of the things that people don't realize that these videos are not just popular here in the United States actually popular all over the world. In this video has like sixty million -- -- only a quarter of that came from the US the rest is all over the place there's something like one out of every 100 people in the Philippines have seen these needs to -- from Brooklyn. It's really an incredible phenomenon. Space at that language they're speaking is in fact universal. At number three some 62 million people have seen this it is terrific it was a digital short on -- alive. Lonely island trio. Let's take a look at Jack Sparrow. -- -- -- Again that is Michael Bolton along with Andy Samberg and it really never fails oftentimes the digital shorts on SNL are the very best things in the show. -- it believes are very very popular -- have a huge following on YouTube. I think if -- didn't get such great great guest stars to be in these things and it actually improve videos and our top ten list this year. I do you wanna see some time these last two the runner up of course it's been seen more than 78. Million times a poured dog. Being absolutely -- given the run around by his owner of talking about bacon I actually feel for the -- Nicholas. You know that they can that's like maple. Maple flavor -- kind yes -- do I took that out. I thought do I know who would like that. Me so why -- it. Below. You hope. You can meet and vote. Not given. You know I also noticed there was some beef in there. Yet you know state. No -- he played that to. What can you tell us about the point -- Yes so it -- create a bag on an injured Grantham who is lives in Canada and -- -- voice over artist and what he actually does people submit to him. These videos of their pets than he does these voice overs got a whole bunch of them many of them over a million views on -- channel. And this one was this happening is most popular it's the -- -- dog owner -- the you can purchase particularly appreciated it's really really and -- the old -- -- makes everything -- very -- Rebecca -- We are all going to be -- this in three to. -- So -- this. The global phenomenon ten -- others. There really is a 180. Million views this year I just -- incredible number this is a phenomenon. He didn't just wanna watch that you wanted to talk about it he wanted to tell somebody else I felt about one -- that make them watch it you know there were as the one parity for every other day of the week in the first seven days. It's still popular when you look at the numbers. There's still a spike in views every Friday on this video it seems to never go away at least really a global phenomenon. Yet he never does feel like that a lot that again we appreciate the time this morning. Thank you that was that was I have --

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Celebrities, cute babies and funny animals dominate Internet videos in 2011.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15233679","title":"2011's Top Viral Videos","url":"/GMA/video/2011s-top-viral-videos-15233679"}