2012 Presidential Election: Romney, Obama Fight for Battleground States

David Muir, Jake Tapper review the latest polls in key swing states.
3:00 | 11/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2012 Presidential Election: Romney, Obama Fight for Battleground States
All right, ginger, thank you. We'll turn now to politics. We're in the final push before election day. Your voice your vote. The latest abc news/washington post tracking poll. Show president obama mitt romney deadlocked at 48%. For mitt romney a final chance for him to appeal to his base especially in ohio. David muir is with the romney team in cleveland. Good morning, david. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. 48 hours until election day. The battleground blitz continues for both campaigns. Overnight, mitt romney in ohio. Overnight in a crowd of front of 17,000, mitt romney in colorado. In an all-out sprint to the finish. Thank you, colorado. In the last 48 hours, both campaigns crisscrossing the country. Romney's closing argument who that makes the case that he's the -- each across the street to neighbor that has the other sign in his front yard. And I'm going to reach across the aisle in washington, d.C., to the politicians who are working for the other candidate. Ann romney making a trip to the back of the plane. Talking about the american people who are hurting, saying three more days. On to colorado, where she was visibly moved by the thousands who gathered at the first stop there. This is our time to turn -- to turn the country around. Reporter: Her husband in these final hours, turning back to central argument of this campaign, this election is about who can fix the economy. I can't wait to get started. He's hoping we settle. We listen to the voiceside that say we can do better. Reporter: There will be ral stops today here in cleveland, ohio, then a rare appearance in pennsylvania. I asked if this was stop in the pennsylvania to expand the map given president obama's slim lead in some of the key battleground states. No, they're going there because they see the same support. They hope to capitalize. They're hoping that this will be one of those surprise states come election day. Thank dave. This race could come down to ohio. The candidates are treating it like the precious from the lord of the ring, as jon stewart said. Romney has been to ohio 67 times. The president has made 20 visits. Spending almost $64 million. The president will be back there today. He's waking up in new hampshire. Where we find abc's jake tapper. Reporter: Good morning, dan. Ohio is the row set that stone of this election. President obama will be back in the state tomorrow. Truly any one of these battleground states could be pivotal because the race is tied and so, so close. The latest poll has it tied here as well. Wracking up roughly 1500 miles yesterday alone on the air force one frequent flier program, president obama is jetting from battleground to battle ground. His pitch -- I'm the same idealistic nonpartisan that you voted for last year. The fights were fighting they're not partisan. I want to work together. I believe we're all americans first, not democrats or republicans first. Reporter: He believes that romney represents failed policies of the past and not trust-worthy, not what he seems. He pushes the vote to go with the one they know. You know me. Some times you may be frustrated with the change. Reporter: Stars, the hollywood kind, are aligning for the president. Doing what they can to help generate excitement. I'll do anything to get to you vote. I'll punch myself in the face. I don't care. Reporter: Katy perry in milwaukee helped bring a crowd of 20,000. John mellencamp in dubuque 20,000. Dave matthews joined with former president bill clinton. I want to vote for a president who's been a good commander in chief. Reporter: Are they hearing the message? I wish they turn this mike up. Reporter: The obama campaign talks up its get out the vote effort. Including bianna, 1.7 million new voter registrations. That's twice as many they accomplished in 2008. We'll see tuesday night if it ended up having that effect. All right, jake, thank you. President obama paid a surprise visit to fema

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{"id":17636119,"title":"2012 Presidential Election: Romney, Obama Fight for Battleground States","duration":"3:00","description":"David Muir, Jake Tapper review the latest polls in key swing states.","url":"/GMA/video/2012-presidential-election-romney-obama-fight-battleground-states-17636119","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}