2012 Hottest Gifts for All Budgets

People's Kate Dimmock reveals for "GMA" fans the hottest gifts for the holiday season.
3:56 | 12/11/12

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Transcript for 2012 Hottest Gifts for All Budgets
Test Text1 plain We are counting down to christmas. Today, we have great gifts for everyone on your list, all under $100. And some as low as 5 bucks. Here to show them to us, is "people style watch" and fashion director, kate dimmock. Thank you for being with us. My pleasure. We understand this could be useful to many of us out here, in dropping temperatures in new york city. Exactly. These are beautiful, right? Gloves from portolano. They look like cashmere. But they're a polly-nylon blend. They're gorgeous, new year's eve. Or every day. You don't need jewelry. That's a very good point. You're covered up anyway. The next one is under $100. And it could be for a man or a woman? Exactly. These are beautiful lacquer boxes from c. Wonder. What's hot in the gift-gives world is anything that's monogrammed. That personal touch means a lot to people. I love the colors. The colors are great. And a little tip, if you pick up "people style watch" you can get a 20% discount. It's well under $100. The next is under $60. Under 60. This is personal and practical. Or just pretty to display. Right. These are from sephora. They're $58. You use makeup brushes every day. Why shouldn't they be pretty? And what's so great about this is you get the clutch. We're getting you ready for new year's eve, as well. 58. It's two presents in one. I'm supposed to say that. All right. We have this next one under $60. Exactly. Yet another item from c. Wonder. You're getting your 20% discount. This is a tea set for one. You're steeping your tea in your cup. And if you're not a big tea drinker, they're just pretty. 38. You have your tea here. You can drink soup out of that, too. This is an amazing price. The under $20 category. A lot of people in your life. You want to go out and find. You want to give somebody something. This is a hard one to find, i feel. And let's look at your first one. This is great. This is $10. And as we know, everybody is really into nail polish. This lets you. 14 different shades for $10 from e.L.F. 10. Wow. That's incredible. Fun for any lady in your life. Or little girl. This is our last one. A perfect stocking stuffer, you said. 5. 5. And headphones are the must-have accessory at the moment. Everybody's plugged in, from the age 5 to 95. And they come in a million colors. It's from five below. They're $5. I love the colors. And the bright colors. It's fun to see that pop. Exactly. You can throw them in your bag. You'll have them to listen to your ipad or on a plane. It's great. A great gift. We have another gift over here under $100. Oh, look. It's scotty. Oh. 100. I thought you would never find me. There you go. This was really -- exactly. Thank you, kate. We appreciate your time. And to get the detail osen these items, plus our complete holiday gift guide, you can always go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Coming up next, "american

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{"id":17932780,"title":"2012 Hottest Gifts for All Budgets","duration":"3:56","description":"People's Kate Dimmock reveals for \"GMA\" fans the hottest gifts for the holiday season.","url":"/GMA/video/2012-top-gifts-budgets-gifts-100-50-20-17932780","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}