2012 Trends That Will Change in 2013

Jane Buckingham shares the biggest trends to track in the new year.
6:23 | 01/01/13

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Transcript for 2012 Trends That Will Change in 2013
Get ready, by the way, to jump-start your january. Out with the ole, that would mean in with the new as the hottest trends for 2013 in everything from fashion, food including technology. So where do we turn when we need to know what's coming in, what we need to jump-start. The one, the only jane buckingham of trendara. We want to jump right into it. Into fashion first. So what was in and out in 2012? Let's start with the women. So for the women we had a lot of bright colors, people wanted to feel good about themselves. Neon pinks, neon greens, so this year in fact we're going to be doing more subtle. Black and white. What do you think that says. I think it's a couple of things, we're realizing change isn't happening as fast as we wanted. I think people want to be a little more sophisticated and can't be out there as much so a lot of the fashion we seel be tailored, more structured and not fancy and -- black and white a big color combination. That will be the hot thing. Funny to say black is the new black but I guess black and white is the new black. Hard to keep up. Rita is wearing a lovely ensemble. Lovely rita. This can go in -- you'll see it can go from high fashion to low fashion. This makes you feel trendy and shoes are a big thing women worry about and last year we saw a lot of wedges, right? They were big on the celebrities. This year we're going again a little more low key -- there are those shoe booties. Wearing flats. I'm wearing a shoe booty because I -- now you're telling me I'm out of my -- they look nice to you. You need to get a pair of loafers, comfortable in that. But I think also what we're seeing with trends they don't go out as fast as they used to so you can still wear the shoe booty but to make it new. Neon to black and white. I love a good loafer. What are -- what am I doing? What do you need to do? A trend I'm fairly sure you can rock. We saw it on kanye. He did it with a -- I can't guess what -- I'm begging you to wear it. What would it be? The male meggings. Meggings. He's looking robin hootesque. I wouldn't wear these all together but the meggings are not easy to wear but that's the trend for now and emerald green is the color for next year and also the bucket hat. We went from the -- he is a throw-up trend. Not good -- with the megging, how do you prevent it from being uncomfortable in the rear view by showing -- don't make him turn around. I'm kind of like how -- you want to wear long shirt. I would not go for the blazer. I would go -- or you could do what kanye did and wear a skirt with it. Did we get all the male trends? Yes, I don't think we can do any more. The color, emerald, dark green because we saw robert pattinson wearing that in a suit. You were wondering can you pull that off. I don't know. Green accessories. I love the megging, in fact, are you -- I'm wearing them right now. I don't even want to know. In makeup, what were the big trends of 2012? What are we moving to. 2012 was about the lip, bold lips, lip tattoos. I'm a huge don't. I'm wearing booties and pale lips. It's okay because now it's all about the eyes. So we're going to see eye tattoos. We're going to see this beautiful idea of sort of having rhinestones on your eyes, we're even going to see colored eyebrows with like blue and neon and a lot in the nails. Chanel always sets the nail trends. How in the world do you line up rocks on your eyelids and not poke yourself in the eye. Sephora has these. Eye decals. Almost like a -- can we do that? When we come back s will be wearing it. But then also this is super cool. This is supposed to look like leather. It does, actually. And alex that tweeted this. And there's a waiting list for 2800 people by nails, inc. We had a lot of comfort food last year, macaroni and cheese and pasta and this year it's with a twist, macaroni and cheese with like pork riblets or instead of penne -- someone said pork. Go right ahead. Then we have asian bolognese. Over tofu and rice. So it's taking your traditional and giving it a spin. Everyone cares about de sch ecdess echerts. We have a bacon dough thought for you. Try the bacon doughnut. And popcorn. Popcorn is showing up in ice cream, candy, in gourmet dishes so you could expect to see that moving forward. This is really good too. Electronics. All about the ipad. Certainly not that the ipad is going away but simply what we're seeing now is sort of an evolution where people want to take it from one screen to another. How this works this is the wii u, hot for the next year. What happens is I have a different experience on my game pad than you do there and if you want to watch tv, I can take the game off of there on to my game pad and sit there and just play what -- the folks need to kno games at home will be able to transfer and travel with you. Travel not -- I don't know if they'll go outside the house but if we want to do something, i can go in the other room. You can watch the football game. You can do what you want to do and we have very different experiences while we're playing. This is mario and it's tag. What happens is basically i don't know if sam wants to try but you have to try and find me. We'll have a death match wearing meggings when we come back. No, because I'm going to put on my meggings, grab a little popcorn and bacon doughnuts. And play a game. Now you know everything, jane, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"Jane Buckingham shares the biggest trends to track in the new year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18107140","title":"2012 Trends That Will Change in 2013","url":"/GMA/video/2012-trends-change-2013-18107140"}