2013 Weight-Loss Tips: How to Stick With Your Plan

Dr. Jennifer Ashton offers advice on how to stay fit in the new year.
3:09 | 01/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2013 Weight-Loss Tips: How to Stick With Your Plan
So many of us meanwhile, make the resolutions of this new year to get healthy. Now in our january jump-start we're kicking off 2013 with tips to make this your best year and dr. Jennifer ashton is here. Top five or six or four ways to get and stay healthy. Sit on down there. Before we get to your top five -- happy new year. Let's be honest. We were perhaps partaking some of us out there just waking up to the program. Right. But we want to get them up AND GOING ON THIS JANUARY 1st. How best to battle -- you're talking about the hangover a little bit. We're not really sure what causes those dreaded physical symptoms of a hangover but the leading contender is dehydration now, little math for us at this hour of the morning. You consume four alcoholic beverages, which we probably did just right here at this table. That can result in the elimination of up to one liter of water so the dehydration is key. If possible you want to rehydrate as you're drinking if you didn't do that last night, it's not too early now. Drink that water and if you need something for the headache, reach for eye ibuprofen, not acetaminophen. Why did hair of the dog worked. Hair of the dog is a myth. Greasy foods is also. Stay with bland stuff. It always works. Sorry, amy. The old tips don't work like having another beverage, hair of the dog, that -- probably not. Probably not. Well, if we're not getting hair of the dog in the mouth, though, focus -- there are certain places we should be focusing. In 2013 we'll be hearing a lot about oral health. The cdc designated as a major focus for health moving forward this year and in the future, we're talking about everything from just keeping your teeth white to periodontal disease. Now, recent studies show one out of every two adult americans over the age of 30 has periodontal disease, full disclosure, I have it. It affects your heart. It can affect your entire body. You want to see your dentist, not just once a years, two or three -- is there a -- the key is seeing your dentist before it becomes severe, once a year to the dentist, probably not enough. Two or three times. All promising we're hitting the gym today or maybe tomorrow but we have one tip. Looking for one tip for exercise. You know the number one reason people don't work out is time. You don't have to cram it all into one sitting but spread it out during the day. The best exercise walking, shoutout to my nurses, they walk around the block during their breaks. You can burn 200 calories an hour. Shoot for 10,000 steps a day. Guess how many miles that is? I can't imagine. Five miles. Wow. Really? I was going to -- hit the pavement. Hit the pavement. She -- dr. Ashton has great tips for you, common myths, how to cure hangovers, goodmorningamerica.Com. One thing to make us laugh, get seven hours of sleep a night. Right. Three isn't enough? Including you guys at this table. Not seven all of you. Not a week. All right. Thank you so much. Happy new year. Happy new year to you.

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{"id":18106659,"title":"2013 Weight-Loss Tips: How to Stick With Your Plan","duration":"3:09","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton offers advice on how to stay fit in the new year.","url":"/GMA/video/2013-weight-loss-tips-stick-plan-18106659","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}